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Sonic OC RolePlay Station
This is my first RP forum. In this 'station', we do role-play with our Sonic OC. Anyone is welcomed with open arms. Note that we mostly go for T-rated. Admin (and maybe Moderators and members) of this forum also do not tolerate lemons and trolls.
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Roleplay as your self insert, persona, fan character, or original character here. The purpose of this roleplay is to break the fourth wall and interact with canon characters such as Sonic, Shadow, Mephiles etc. Canon characters can be requested. Read the rules and sign up in the applicable threads. Newcomers are welcome.
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the new adventures of sonic and austin
austin, once a human, now a green hedgehog, must side with sonic and his friends as he fights evil and faces challenges greater than he ever thought possilble. everyone is welcomed here. you can create your own topics, roleplay your OC and your favorite sonic characters. enjoy!
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Planetary Pieces of His World - Roleplay
Defeating and causing an evil genius to throw a tantrum, saving the world from possible darkness and doom, and delving into deep relationships and realities... who wouldn't want all that excitement? Play as your favourite canon or OC characters in regular, special, couple, or crossover roleplays! Newcomers welcome!
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the world of sonic
RP forum. enter the world of sonic the hedgehog, where all aspects of the series (video game, tv shows, and the comic) are in one world. make ocs or play as one of the cannons, and have fun adventures or create relationships. note: THIS FORUM HAS BEEN REVIVED (somewhat)
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Sonic RP
A place to rp as OCs. Only mods may be actual characters. Looking for mods that have Sonic based knowledge.
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Sonic the Hedgehog RP Forum
Since a lot of RP forums aren't active anymore, I've decided to start one. There will be various RP threads, too. Play as one of the canon characters or as one of your OCs! Remember, this forum is open!
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Sonic Pairings, OCs, and more!
Roleplay, or just talk about Sonic, your ocs, or other random stuff. I've got a couple mods too.
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Sonic OC Roleplay of Awesomeness!
Private Forum
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Radiant Darkness ForumRole play
If you've read the story, Radiant Darkness then you can join in with a new role play game and pick which side you want to be on. Or you can chat with anyone on the forum if you'd like.
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Sonic Sagas
This forum is a series of tales and stories of Sonic and his friends on multiple adventures.
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Sonic Roleplay Universe
The Sonic Fanon universe is a multiverse in itself with endless possibilities. Only limit, is how you limit your imagination, and the god mod rule.
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Sonic Ultimate Rp Forum
We aim to be the top Sonic Forum on FFN. Don't start rping if your not gonna be online on the regular (just about everyday). I understand that things happen but we got rp's to keep going. So come stop by. I guarantee you won't regret it. S. U. R. F. all day everday people. Let the rping began. *Troll's and flames will be banned so don't try me or my mods.*
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Something Stupid
Sonic, RP. Two collections of letters never meant to be in the same sentence. Only the mighty Helix can save you now.
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Sonic OC College RP
This is the new improved version of the RP. This is for all OCs/FCs to use. Got a question? Just ask me. Here's the plot: Welcome to Solasadine College, the highly rated college in all of Clearth. Romances and friendships may spark between you; others may not. Good Luck to all of you who enter!
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Sonic OC Roleplay
Just a simple forum for Sonic Roleplays
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Mobius vs Anti-Mobius: Clash of dimensions Oc's
This is where the war of mobius and Anti-Mobius reaches its peak, Eggman has released an ancient evil named shakuru and has agreed to help Anti-Mobius win if they let him make eggman land on mobius (and eggman has traveled to the future)
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Sonic RP and Chat
Limited to 10 rpers at one time. We welcome lemons, but kept in separate threads, with some restrictions. OCs limited to one per person, let's give some love to the canon characters!
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Imhere00911's YouTube Channel
YouTube channel username picked. Private roleplay between ModnartheJuba and Lucy the Hedgehog.
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Sonic The Hedgehog Universe Roleplay & Chat!
Come one, come all! This is a forum for action filled roleplay and fun filled discussions! Roleplay with or as the canon characters/original character! Refer to the rules first and post your OC!
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I Am All In His World
Welcome to His World! I hope you can Live and Learn with Canons and Ocs! Try to rival his Sonic Boom while you Dream of an Absolution. ... This is getting redunant. Come and RP here! We'll have fun! :D
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RP- Private
Private RP for RueSinger and Infamousplot
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OC Forum For OCs
This is a forum for all authors and OCs, everyone is welcome, just keep it appropriate and fun for everyone. I'll be making some genre or story topics, and also some chat topics and places where authors can just chill out and have fun!
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Sonic OC Roleplaying Forum
Here is where you can roleplay as your Sonic OC's. Just make sure to keep it safe so I don't have to get involved
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Sonic rp
Rp as your fav sonic characters or your OC sonic characters.
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