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Soul Calibur roleplay. Not just pointless fights. Choose the real cast or make up your own. It's like writing a story with multiple people. Like a colab on a forum actually...
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Favorite Soul Calibur pairings
Have a favorite pairing? Do you just want to shout it out to the world? This is the place where you can do it! Come in, enjoy yourself, and see what pairings other people enjoy.
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Characterise me!
A forum where everyone can discuss about characterisation of the SC characters. I believe everyone has something to gain from sharing opinions about how they would characterise certain characters. Also, discussion of orthadox or unorthadox pairings!
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Create your own Soul caliber character!
In this Forum come up with your own Soul Caliber character! tell what they look like, gender and so on. Start it up and and have fun with it!
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Soul Calibur 2
Come and Chat about SC2
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Soul Calibur Slash
For discussion of slash fanfic in the Soul Calibur setting. If you don't like slash, don't come read, kthxbai.
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Cassandra and Siegfried
If you are a Cassandra and Siegfried fan come here and talk about the loving pair.
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Soul Calibur V
A forum to talk about the recently revealed fifth game in the franchise and you can talk about anything from storyline, gameplay features, characters you want returning to guest characters you would like to see in the game so if it's Soul Calibur V relate
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which SC4 ending was the best?
okay so i thought of it and wacthed all the ending of soul calibur and started thinking was the ending realy to the fans liking? and if so which one was the favorite and why?..personaly mine was hilde because seigfried didn't die and! they might have a po
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Soul Calibur V wepaons crafter and Character Maker
Here, you can build a weapon and its wielder to join the new battle in SC V. Feel free to be creative within reason. Guest characters are allowed or included, but MUST have a believable relation or reason to be part of the story, no matter how short.
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Soul Edge: Genesis
This RP focuses on the very first game in the series - "Soul Edge" (AKA "Soul Blade") - albeit revisited. Take up the mantle of an existing character or make your own. Anything goes. :)
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Soul Calibur Marvel characters
Marvel characters as if they were in Soul Calibur.
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Soul Calibur Roleplay
Welcome to my Soul Calibur Roleplay page. Here you can roleplay as your favorite fighters or you can create an original character made to fit your personal style or unique taste. Be sure to follow rules and guidelines, but most importantly have fun everyone!
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Memory Master coming forth
Not just Talim but also two new characters I created, Memory Master and Princess Cosmo not Sonic X one, she look like her but older than her, is copyright by me. Memory Master x Princess Cosmo, Link x Talim
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Fighter's arena
Talk about Soul Calibur fics here!
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Review Response
If you have left me a review for People are Most Beautiful Right Before They Die, I will respond to it here.
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Story Discussion Groups Forum
Forum dedicated to authors and readers who want to discuss any of the stories in the Soul Calibur section. Authors who want to start discussions with their readers and visa versa are encouraged to start threads here. Pairing threads also encouraged.
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Bishifest 2006 Soul Calibur 3
Where anyone who wants to talk about their favourite hot guy in the game can have it all out and
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Soul Calibur Sparing Arena
Is Nightmare your man, or maybe you go for Talim. The place where the Souls of Soul Calibur duke it out. All the way from Mistrugi to Lizard Man.
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Siegfried And Ivy
Please discuss your like for Siegfried and Ivy as a couple in here.
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Why Should I Read Yours?
Come here and tell us why we should read your Soul Calibur fiction! Reviews abound!
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Here you can say anything about Talimhate her, love her, want to marry her, etc. Oh yeah, you can also complain about her crapness in SC3. It makes me so sad...SC2 ROCKS BETTER!
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Soul Calibur:Cassandra
You can talk about what you like or dislike on Cassandra.
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Project Soul: Humor Rocks!
laugh all you want in Soul Calibur in English and Tagalog!
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Soul Calibur and Chronicles of the Sword
A variety of things. And perhaps someone can help?.
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