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Spectrobes: Krawl War
join this awesome RP to chat with other players of the game or make your own NPP officer to take on the Krawl!
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Spectrobe Chat
Share yur spectrobes fanfic ideas with others for better fanfics for all of us
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Spectrobes: Fallen Earth
The Krawl have discovered modern-day Earth. And they start an attack all around the world. The NPP are aware of this, but aren't taking action. A few officers go to Earth to help, even though ordered to stay out.
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Krux: Leader of the Krawl
Krux, who is he? We all know he is the leader of the Krawl, but what's hiding behind his mask? Voice your opioions here.
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Opinion on how to torture Jado
What do you think Jado should get?
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