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Splatoon RPing
Welcome to the top Splatoon RPing forum on the site! Our members all post fairly regularly but we're always looking for fresh members to join! I wanted to create a new forum for Splatoon where people can RP, as there aren't very many active ones right now. Anyone is welcome, so come on in and invite your friends!
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Splatoon Rp Forum
Love the world of Splatoon? Then come role play as an Inkling! Go on adventures and stop the forces of the Octarians or test your might in turf war!
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Realm of OCs
Here you can post OCs for other people to use in their stories or RPs, or find OCs YOU want to use! Test your OCs with RPing, or participate in OC competitions! Here you will find a myriad of different ways to make use of and find OCs. Basically, it's a forum revolving around OCs.
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Splatoon Roleplays and Hangouts!
Welcome to Inkopolis! Where you can hear music perfromed by Off the Hook or The Squid Sisters, battle it out in turf war, or even go on a mission to save inkopolis, ans Callie herself! Have fun, Roleplay, and meet all sorts of Splatoon geeks just like you! Stay fresh!
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Pearl and Sheldon
my first form
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Dendro's Adventure
Adventure, RPG,
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Octo Adventure
[ SPOILERS FOR SPLATOON 2: OCTO EXPANSION ] This Octoling named Octa goes on a quest never before! Will her pink ink win, or green ink take over? Find out!
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Story One: Sex Painters in the Night
Luffy, Midoriya and Evans are having a summer art class but once the class ends, they are brought to an alternate world were they are caught in the midst of a battle between a mysterious boy named Inker whose hometown is terrorized by a gang of guys known as the Sex Painters. They must put a stop to this salty, inky splooge fest!
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