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Shadows Come from the light
If there wasn't light, no shadow could be born. Without light all that would remain is complete calm darkness. As long as there is light there is shadows, and as long as there are shadows there must be light nearby.
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Spyro OC Training Forum
Train your OCs with element-specific maters. Help them become stronger by sparring, learing new attacks, etc.
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The Power of a Dragon
Dragons are the most powerful mythical creatures ever. Famous for their ability to fly and breath fire. Some were ridden others were not. Become a dragon or Rider and take to the skies.
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Dark Crystals and Spirit Gems
Welcome to the fastest growing, only active forum on the Spyro the Dragon archive! Join our roleplay, or simply chat to people, share your latest fanfic, and so on.
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TLoS Grand Adventures
The place for grand adventures of all sorts and many fun tales to be made. Come over and chat, join in on a great adventure, and basically just have fun.
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Spyro OC Misadventures!
Here you and other people can use your OCs to create one big misadventure!
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Legends Never Die
Roleplay, chat, fanfic sharing and more through here! Join along, cast a spell among a family! T-rated tops (few exceptions). "Your destinies are now intertwined. And that thought is a hopeful one." - Ignitus
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XxTheSomeonexX VIP Lounge
My VIP lounge, created to help all writers in need. Don't be shy, everyone needs at least a little help. Story help, OC help, RP and chatrooms inside! Virtual pepsi and snacks included!
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The Lost Flame
Just a memory of a distant dream...
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Crimburn and Zhalia's playhouse
A forum dedicated to the Crimburn and Zhalia story Dragonwing which blends the elements of Spyro and Silverwing together to create something totally new. On this forum there will be no rules other than to have fun while you are there. :) We are still in the process of getting thing setup so feel free to stop by.
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The Legend of Spyro
A Roleplaying forum based off of the legend of spyro series. Rps inside do not need to follow the story of the games, you can create entirely new stories, characters and enemies though must only adhere to Spyro physics and biology. So come in if you enjoy dragons, magic and friendly people. All people welcome.
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Warfang Elite: Writing Quarters
Welcome to the writing quarters of the Warfang Elite! Meet the members of the WE and join in with the chat and roleplay. I promise we won't bite.
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Spyro loops
The official discussion Forum for 'The Infinite Loops: A Tale of Two Realms'. Talk about the story so far, submit your own snips to be added, RP in one of our many threads, and discuss Spyro in general here.
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The Hub of Darkness
This is a place for beings who believe that Darkness is the True way of life. Currently only a place to discuss characters, writing styles, and the many forms of Magic.
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Enter the Dragon Realms
Using Canons or your own creations, explore the Dragon Realms. [Post DOTD by default]
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Legend of Spyro: Malefor's Return
Spyro and Cynder have defeated Malefor and returned. Peace now reigns in Avalar. Even better, the Portals have been restored, reopening trade and travel with realms such as Artisan. And the Grand Temple in Warfang is being repurposed into an Academy, to teach all of the young dragons. But something is stirring in the shadows. A darkness that has risen to fill the gap that Malefor left. And this time, Spyro and Cynder may not be able to face it alone. But they won't have to. (First Arc in progress.)
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The rise of new Heroes
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The Legends of Artisan
Many years after the Great War against Malefor, peace has returned to Artisan. The differant species now live peacefully alongside one another...But that doesn't mean everything is all boring and peacefull! There are still enemies to be fought and places to explore! Join the RP and go on countless adventures in Artisan!
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Interactive Story Forum
Authoritarian forum. Complete Administrator/Moderator control. Nub/newb/noob acting is unacceptable. Your posts will be edited on first signs of intolerable behavior. Moderator list, Rurikredwolf, Bladequeen2000 and dragon482.
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The Dragon Temple RPGs, Chat and more
Either enter the world of RPGs via an OC or chat with other Spyro fans. All are welcome!
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Spyro HQ
Welcome to Spyro HQ!,this is set after the Dawn of the Dragon game and Warfang being rebuilt.With peace resting between moles and dragons,new evildoers comes out of the shadows but of course allies are being made,will you fight or drown in the hands of the darkness?,OCs are welcomed
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In the Shadows of Darkness
Cynder and Spyro lived happily together, watching they're children grow up, hoping there would be no need for more fighting, and they could live in peace. Oh, how wrong they were... Come RP as an OC, or character from the game.
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Spyro Movie
We know there's a movie coming, but not much about it; info and opinions please!
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Spyro Roleplay! TLoS version
Spyro Roleplay! Come create a character, be a Guardian, live in the Temple, Warfang, Tall Plains and other places!
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Platy's Dragon RPG Corner :3
Heya! As our mother-forum is being deleted, I'm going to help by opening my forum up to the refugees. Newcomers still welcome! :D
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