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Shadows Come from the light
If there wasn't light, no shadow could be born. Without light all that would remain is complete calm darkness. As long as there is light there is shadows, and as long as there are shadows there must be light nearby.
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Spyro OC Training Forum
Train your OCs with element-specific maters. Help them become stronger by sparring, learing new attacks, etc.
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The Power of a Dragon
Dragons are the most powerful mythical creatures ever. Famous for their ability to fly and breath fire. Some were ridden others were not. Become a dragon or Rider and take to the skies.
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XxTheSomeonexX VIP Lounge
My VIP lounge, created to help all writers in need. Don't be shy, everyone needs at least a little help. Story help, OC help, RP and chatrooms inside! Virtual pepsi and snacks included!
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The Lost Flame
Have you seen our flame? We kinda lost it...
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Warfang Elite: Writing Quarters
Welcome to the writing quarters of the Warfang Elite! Here's where the brunt of the discussion and communication occurs between members who have their stories in the community archive. But you don't have to be part of the community to chip in! Come right along, bring your thinking cap, and we might just have some tea on the table. (Update: Lately, our RP has been quite an adventure. Come in and donate your two cents to it.)
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The Hub of Darkness
This is a place for beings who believe that Darkness is the True way of life. Currently only a place to discuss characters, writing styles, and the many forms of Magic.
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Crimburn and Zhalia's playhouse
A forum dedicated to the Crimburn and Zhalia story Dragonwing which blends the elements of Spyro and Silverwing together to create something totally new. On this forum there will be no rules other than to have fun while you are there. :) We are still in the process of getting thing setup so feel free to stop by.
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The rise of new Heroes
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Roleplaying Forum
Welcome to the one and only roleplaying forum on the Spyro the Dragon archive! Join our roleplay, or simply chat to people, share your latest fanfic, and so on.
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Warfang Warriors
Spyro and Cynder have defeated the Dark Master and brought peace to the Dragon Realms, or have they? When a new Dark Master rises from the shadows who will take the stage to face him? RP fourm. OC's are very welocome!
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Interactive Story Forum
Authoritarian forum. Complete Administrator/Moderator control. Nub/newb/noob acting is unacceptable. Your posts will be edited on first signs of intolerable behavior. Moderator list, Rurikredwolf, Bladequeen2000 and dragon482.
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The Dragon Temple RPGs, Chat and more
Either enter the world of RPGs via an OC or chat with other Spyro fans. All are welcome!
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In the Shadows of Darkness
Cynder and Spyro lived happily together, watching they're children grow up, hoping there would be no need for more fighting, and they could live in peace. Oh, how wrong they were... Come RP as an OC, or character from the game.
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Spyro HQ
Welcome to Spyro HQ!,this is set after the Dawn of the Dragon game and Warfang being rebuilt.With peace resting between moles and dragons,new evildoers comes out of the shadows but of course allies are being made,will you fight or drown in the hands of the darkness?,OCs are welcomed
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Spyro Movie
We know there's a movie coming, but not much about it; info and opinions please!
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Spyro Roleplay! TLoS version
Spyro Roleplay! Come create a character, be a Guardian, live in the Temple, Warfang, Tall Plains and other places!
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Platy's Dragon RPG Corner :3
Heya! As our mother-forum is being deleted, I'm going to help by opening my forum up to the refugees. Newcomers still welcome! :D
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A Dark Moon On the Rise A Spyro RP
Spyro has taken up residence in Avalar and has become guardian of it, along with trying to protect the Dragon Realms and the Forgotten Worlds. But a dark moon brings in a new tide of evil, Spyro must gather fellow fighters from many realms and travel to m
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If I owned Spyro…
If you owned Spyro, what would you change about the game?
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Spyro Lives!
This forum is just like my community.Its for Spyro lovers who want to keep him alive.
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Any of you guys like Spyro/Cynder? Express yourselves! XD Do you like to draw dragons? Tell us all about it! Also, I'm a deviant in and if any of you guys want a dragon to be drawn just for you, I'll do it for you : I love to draw dragons!
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Dawn of the Dragon, What Do You Think About It?
I want everyone who sees this to post what they think will happen in Dawn of the Dragon. Everyone has different opinions, and I want to see what you think about the new game. You can say whatever you want, as long as it's about this Spyro game.
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Spyro and Cynder Role Play Forum!
14 people allowed per forum topic. Plus the random extra.No extremely sexual things. I want to keep this appropriate for everyone. Thanks! PM me BEFORE creating topics!
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The First Ever Spyro Forum On Fanfiction
Come and talk about the original Spyro Series. This was the first Spyro on , but most of the old post were deteted, grrrrh . But feel free to talk about our favourite purple dragon.
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