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The Power of a Dragon
Dragons are the most powerful mythical creatures ever. Famous for their ability to fly and breath fire. Some were ridden others were not. Become a dragon or Rider and take to the skies.
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Dark Crystals and Spirit Gems
Welcome to the fastest growing, only active forum on the Spyro the Dragon archive! Join our roleplay, or simply chat to people, share your latest fanfic, and so on.
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TLoS Grand Adventures
The place for grand adventures of all sorts and many fun tales to be made. Come over and chat, join in on a great adventure, and basically just have fun.
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Spyro OC Misadventures!
Here you and other people can use your OCs to create one big misadventure!
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Daybreak of Dragons: Aether's Whispers
Delve within convexity's purest. Aether: to unleash the true dragon within you! The Spyro forum to brave adversity through role-play, chat among fellow purple-dragon-lovers, or grind gears tinkering with your latest fic or share more. Free-rein, or simply sit back and enjoy a comfy forum to call home. One of very few and active Spyro forums to date!
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The Lost Flame
Just a memory of a distant dream...
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The Legend of Spyro
A Roleplaying forum based off of the legend of spyro series. Rps inside do not need to follow the story of the games, you can create entirely new stories, characters and enemies though must only adhere to Spyro physics and biology. So come in if you enjoy dragons, magic and friendly people. All people welcome.
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Enter the Dragon Realms
Using Canons or your own creations, explore the Dragon Realms. [Post DOTD by default]
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Legend of Spyro: Malefor's Return
Spyro and Cynder have defeated Malefor and returned. Peace now reigns in Avalar. Even better, the Portals have been restored, reopening trade and travel with realms such as Artisan. And the Grand Temple in Warfang is being repurposed into an Academy, to teach all of the young dragons. But something is stirring in the shadows. A darkness that has risen to fill the gap that Malefor left. And this time, Spyro and Cynder may not be able to face it alone. But they won't have to. (First Arc in progress.)
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Crimburn and Zhalia's playhouse
Welcome to the new and improved forum. I have cleaned up a bit of the old topics feel free to create a character or generate an rp using the generator topic. Also I will be having a couple of my stories here as well of which you can view and potentially provide me with feedback. :) Hope to see you all there. :)
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Dragon-Realms: Hearts from the Void
"In the grim darkness of the far future...All living beings know war!". This Rp is a creation of a LoS X WK40k crossover, a concept we hope you like, here's with people could chat, share fanfics , and perhaps participate in the Roleplay.
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The Legend of Spyro and Cynder
This is a Spyro RP. (NOT SKYLANDERS) You may create your own character or you may choose a character out of the game. Have fun!
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the legend of spyro fandom RP
An RP based off the legend of spyro series, can be OC or main characters and does not have to go by strict cannon There are many different type of RP in the topics so there is something for every legend of spyro fan, just choose which one you want to do and post away. And by the way I am not going to post rules because I think people should know what I expect, and just use your head to decide whether to post something or not, I usually give more than one chance
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The Silver Sword Saviours
The Sliver Sword is run by Latic Lion-heart, Silver Serpent, Wolfang and Tarnia (Owned by RPG). These four, half-blooded Dragon and human, Native human, Wolf and Cheetah are highly skilled. Latic: his fighting with swords and dragon elements. Silver Serpent: Best for her knowledge, magic and dragon tongue. Wolfang: Best greatsword fighter in all of Avalar. And Tarnia: Best with the bow. Any species can join, but must we cannot just accept anyone, no, no, no. Search below for more... I can't add more - -
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