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Dark Crystals and Spirit Gems
Welcome to the fastest growing, only active forum on the Spyro the Dragon archive! Join our roleplay, or simply chat to people, share your latest fanfic, and so on.
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Spyro OC Misadventures!
Here you and other people can use your OCs to create one big misadventure!
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The Lost Flame
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Crimburn and Zhalia's playhouse
A forum dedicated to the Crimburn and Zhalia story Dragonwing which blends the elements of Spyro and Silverwing together to create something totally new. On this forum there will be no rules other than to have fun while you are there. :) We are still in the process of getting thing setup so feel free to stop by.
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The Legend of Spyro
A Roleplaying forum based off of the legend of spyro series. Rps inside do not need to follow the story of the games, you can create entirely new stories, characters and enemies though must only adhere to Spyro physics and biology. So come in if you enjoy dragons, magic and friendly people. All people welcome.
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The Legend of Spyro and Cynder
This is a Spyro RP. (NOT SKYLANDERS) You may create your own character or you may choose a character out of the game. Have fun!
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Dragon Wings
You enter your dragon and its alliance, and I will probably accept it. Just join anytime!
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