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The Star Fox VIP Lounge Reboot
Space, Check! Team StarFox? Check! Great people and chilled out vibe? Check! So why not pop on in? We promise we have candy and free money in the back of the Van.
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Star Fox: The New Lylat Wars
During a time of peace, team Star Wolf begins a massive draft of units, eventually forming an army. Under the banner of Legion of wolf, they hunted down team Star Fox and it's allies, easily killing their rivals. 25 Years have passed and Wolf steps down as leader, passing it off to his daughter Clarissa, who ends up using the power to take over the Lylat system. With Team Star Fox destroyed, who can face the new threat?
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Star Fox: It's a Wide Galaxy RP
The years pass... And so does the time of our heroes. Now a new generation needs to rise. Will you stand beside the Law as a soldier or cop... Or are you in this for the money and excitement? Choose and come. After all, it's a wide galaxy...
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The Lylat Sandbox
Welcome to the Lylat Sandbox. Create yourself as a mercenary, a soldier, a engineer, explorer or even as a plain civilian! The Lylat System is yours to explore and play in.
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The New War
Andross has recreated himself yet again and is terrorizing the Lylat System. You must aid the Star Fox team as they battle to reclaim the system once again.
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