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Star Wars: Temple of Snow
In the wake of a catestrophic civil war, the Jedi have rebuilt a temporary home on the icy planet of Rhen Var, with the help of sympathizers and others who wish to see the Jedi's return to the Galaxy. However, the Sith, as powerful as ever, seeks to find a foothold and establish their Empire, and finish their extermination of the Jedi. Can the Jedi withstand the Darkness and rebuild the Order? (This is a long lit RP. Writers with genuine interest in creating a good, collaborative work are encouraged.)
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KOTOR I and II Roleplaying Forum
Basically, this the forum where you can take off where the KOTOR games left off, or roleplay through them your way, and stuff like that. Please enjoy.
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Jedi Civil War RP
As the Jedi Civil War Rages on, what is to become of the people.
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Romances in KOTOR 1 & 2
Discuss your favorite romance pairings in KOTOR, pairings you'd like to see, how you'd like relationships to end, why you like certain pairings, etc.
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Star Wars RPs
RP in the multiple Eras of Star Wars
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KotOR II: the Sith Lords: Redux
Now you can make it go the way you wanted it to, and the credits never roll. Relaxed, but literate and intelligent RP.
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For help with Earth: A Forged Destiny. Title is crappy. Will take suggestions for a better title/summary.
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Club of Forged Destinies
A discussion forum so that the story can be better cooridinated between the four 'club members'. This discussion forum is for members only, but invitations for others to join the forum are allowed.
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Star Wars: Legacy of Doom
The Galaxy is a big place, be you Jedi or Bounty Hunter, with enough skill and a little bit of luck you could make a name for yourself and become legendary
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ZAP's KOTOR RP and Chat
A KOTOR RP based in KOTOR 1,2 and in between, or even after. Make your own character, or even use one from the series!
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Star Wars The Old Republic
The Cold War is starting to heat up oncemore, with both the Republic and Sith Empire making preparations for war. When the galaxy goes to war, which flag will you fight under?
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What do you want in KOTOR 3?
This is a forum to talk about what you want to see in KOTOR 3.
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The Old Republic Roleplay
The Old Republic under attack! The malevolent Sith Empire has made a bold strike in hopes to wrench the galaxy from their enemies and their Jedi enemies! Sith versus Jedi! Soldier versus soldier! Choose your side and fight for victory! *ACTIVE*
English - Topics: 9 - Posts: 83 - Since: 10-25-14 - Admin: Baldore
Star Wars: Old Republic
Join in the world of the Old Republic where the run unchecked through the galaxy and the Jedi have retreated to Tython to train their young in the way of the Force. Become one with either the Light or Dark Sides as you explore the galaxy with your characters.
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After The Old Republic RP Fourm
Set 500 years after The Old Republic, The Sith have Risen again, and have conquered Korriban, and its up to multiple heroes to stop the Sith once again, but the Sith always have their own ways of fight back
English - Topics: 14 - Posts: 66 - Since: 12-06-15 - Admin: the guy obsessed with zombies
Star Wars: The Sith Empire Strikes
The Sith have returned to the Galaxy, forming an Empire and waging war against the Republic, unknown to the Sith and Jedi they are being used for the Sith Emperor's twisted goals of expanding his life... Fight for freedom, Credits, or for darkness. The choice is yours... (OCs welcome)
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Star Wars: Rise of the Twilight Empire
This is a private RP set one or more years after the events of (KotET) The empire has been re-consolidated, and the republic has become part of the alliance. The fragile new found peace, is threatening to come crashing down around Emperor Maliel.
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Broken Chains
Review Responses and Comments for Broken Chains
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KotOR: Chronicles of the Sith
A general forum to discuss and plan out the work-in-progress fanfiction of the possibly same name, as well as Star Wars in all its multiple facets. Perhaps some entertaining roleplaying?
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Star War: Rebuilding
You can become Canon characters or OCs.
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WORST KotOR I and II characters
Tell who you HATE in KotOR and why. Rants encouraged.
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Star Wars: Eyes of Glory
Private RP - Invite Only.
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Should they have made a KotOR 3
Hi. This probably won't be a very popular forum...but do you think they should've made a KotOR 3 instead of the Old Republic?
English - Topics: 4 - Posts: 11 - Since: 09-06-10 - Admin: SkilletRox
Biowares first MMO set 300 years after the events of KOTOR. Find out more at the website.
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Star Wars: The Old Republic RP
Character Applications are a MUST! There will be a thread for RP suggestions. I already have a story ready so if you want to participate...apply. :) Must follow guidelines that are set.
English - Topics: 5 - Posts: 6 - Since: 11-14-13 - Admin: SithLordSoul
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