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The Rebirth Forum
Welcome to the Rebirth Forum! This is a forum dedicated to the Rebirth series, be it questions, discussions, or role playing! I hope you enjoy your stay here!
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Forsaken army
this RP takes place durring Starcraft 2, after kerrigan got taken to save the rest of her army. not to happy, Commander Blaze took an oath to burn Mengsk to ashes, while commander blaze is 'dead'
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Lost Tales of Starcraft
A million stories are held in this small corner of the 'verse, hidden away from the eyes of the galaxy at large. Yet these souls impacted the outcome of the greatest war the universe has ever known...Come, join the battle, and weave your story into their
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Starcraft Wars
Who do you think is the strongest race? What strategies would you recomend to be used in the game? Improve your gameplay here!
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Like StarCraft? If not, why are you here? Discuss anything from plotlines to fanfics here.
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The wings of Liberty
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Where All Paths Lead - Forum Edition
Dedicated to the Where All Paths Lead story! Come here to ask questions, get answers, brainstorm or whatever tickles your fancy really.
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Starcraft II: The Creation
Pretty much a place where all can discuss what they believe should be included in Starcraft II, or hints of what Blizzard might be doing. Blizz is a secretive bunch, they is.
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Starcraft Chronicles Forum
For members, subscribers, or readers of Starcraft Chronicles.
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anyone up for another rp?
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StarCraft Crazy
A place to discuss all things Starcraft including my story.
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Between Light and Darkness
This forum is for discussion of Star Reaver and its eventual sequels, if I ever get around to writing them.
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Star Craft Challenges
Says it all, have an idea you want to see written? Think there's a crossover that could be done better? Or maybe you just have a plot-bunny that just won't stay away? Put it up here!
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Zerg Evolution Pit
Forum for Zerg evolution. Discuss Zerg organisms, strains. Share ideas, opinions, decisions.
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