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Suikoden Writing Community
This forum is intended as a general community for all writers of fiction relating to the Suikoden series. If you need advice, information, or inspiration, perhaps you can find it here. All forms of discussion are welcome.
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Suikoden Story Ideas
A place for plot bunnies, challenges, and requests for stories from any Suikoden that you want to be see but don't want to write yourself :D Anyone may pick up these ideas but be sure to inform the person who requested!
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Suikoden VI Fanfiction Polls
These are polls for my Suikoden VI fanfic so you can help determine certain outcomes in the story. Feel free to participate!
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Mystery of Orange
C2 Com: The Orange Army - isn't it interesting how fellow Suikoden authors view and discuss...well, Suikoden? Of course, we are fellow readers too. A forum for Suikoden authors/readers, be updated! - please make sure to read the rules.
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Suikoden The Next Rune Holders
Yay for Suikoden! \ o / Choose an OC or a original character.
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Suikoden fan fantasy game!
i just wanted to know other's opinion and ultimate suikoden dream game. This is mine...
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Suiko Drama
All things Suikoden. All pairing forms welcome. Troy, Luc and Roget are especially welcome. :
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Oh Suikoden, how many hours have you stolen from my life? Not as much as MM, but still... lol
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Suikoden V storygame discussion
For discussion involving fanfictions or the video game.
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Suikoden AU's
A forum for you, the reader, and the other writers of the board to ask and answer questions about their particular Alternate Universe stories. SPOILERS POSSIBLE!
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All About Suikoden Games Dedicated to Suikoden Fan
Let's talk about Suikoden. Tell me a topic you want to talk about or just join in any of the topic that is already posted... Enjoy...
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The Prince and his Sworn Protector
Suikoden V forum about Freyjadour and Lyon's relationship. This calls for imagination, it does.
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Suikoden RolePlay
As if the title could get any more cryptic. Any sort of story, any Suikoden characters, or you can use an OC instead.
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