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OC roleplay
Welcome to OC Roleplay! It is open again! If you got an OC, you can gladly use them here! ;D
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Society of Smashing Fiction
Now on it's thrid reincarnation cycle, the Society has risen again! Those of you who wish to RP, get writing help, post challenges or just chat, come on in and join the fun! All are welcome in our Society!
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Battle Colosseum
My Super Smash Brothers RP, for those who crave action.
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Super Smash Bros: RP (OC's allowed!)
Smash Fans look no further. With a Storyline in 1 topic, battles in another, a chat topic for users, and a chat topic for characters, this RP's got everything a fan would need! Also, play as your own OC's (See rules inside), previous smash bros characters, and even characters from other game franchises (See rules inside) Happy RPing!
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Smashed Hearts
A Kingdom hearts story wrapped around the super smash universe. Team up with sonic, red and pit as we save whats left of our worlds before none of them exist we were given the keyblade to fight off this new threat but we need help fast we're reaching out to all universes we have to find strength in numbers to combat a new threat so come on join the melee , brawl whatever you want to call it and be your favorite character or make your own hero..i'll be expecting you!" (champion Red)
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Super Smash Bros: The Roleplay
Join the world of Super Smash Bros. where heroes come together to fight and where villains scheme and plot to take it over.
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Following in the foot steps of the Original, Melee and Brawl tournaments, this competition gathers the best of the best from all the realms and pits them against one another! Think you can come out on top? Let's see if you have what it takes to be crowned "SMASH CHAMP"!
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Super Smash Bros 4: The RP
A new galaxy is being born again. Both new and old fighters have been invited from across the universe. Choose your path in this world, are you a Hero or Villain? Shall you improve it or destroy it? Or shall you rule it? Play as a Canon or an OC through this new galaxy!
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Super Smash Bros Universe
As a wise figure once said, "Once a smasher, is always a smasher." Join the smash crew as an oc, or take control, and make your adventure, theirs.
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Smash Brothers: Infinite
OC's and canon alike are welcome to this new tournament. They flock from around the multiverse to try and win a very mysterious prize, but what is the tournament REALLY for?
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Super smash Season 4!
it's finally here! the 4th season at Smash Mansion! gather. brave heros and villains for possibly THE most epic Game Ever!
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Super Smash Helpers
Smash bros is mainly known for its amazing fighters and rosters! However, what we don't know is that there are more people behind the scenes, training the fighters. This is their story.
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The Subspace Emissary: Revisited
After the Smash Bros. chased Tabuu into Subspace, they never realized what was really there. Welcome to the real world of Subspace, where there are eight kingdoms, each with their own governments and ways of life, and where a massive war is being waged. Play as one of the original Smashers, or one of your own and jump in!
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SSB With a new tournament comes new members rpchat
A SSB roleplay where you can be FC's from specific nintendo fandoms, or generally any character from any fandom. Understand they must end up having to fight as this surrounds tournaments, sure will have other stuff going on two though :3 I just didn't want to start from the middle of someone elses roleplay... :/
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Society Of Smashing Roleplay
Hello and Welcome to our humble forum as the name suggests this is a forum for anyone with any character ready for a smashing time OC's welcome. Master Hand cordially invites you to Smash Mansion and Hopes you enjoy your stay.
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In Your Shoes
What is it like to be your favorite Smasher? Do you want to steal the princess, like Bowser? Or do you want to be the happy glutton of the bunch, like Kirby? Well, here it is. Are you ready to walk in their shoes?
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