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Tales of Illuminia Alt
An original Tales of game RP based on a project I've been working on with my friends.
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Tales of Roleplay
You may not believe your eyes, but Tales of Roleplay is back. I have Fishyputnam's permission to do redo this previously deleted forum. There is also a fanfic version that I'm working on under the name Tales of Viola, if you're interested. It dosen't have to match the fanfic I'm doing, but if you want to use a Tales of Graces character, you may.
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Crossover suggestions
I have Several Ideas for ToG/ToGf's crossover. Ever since I read Tales of Graces f x Naruto in "The Bonds of Graces" by Gravenimage, I was thinking that there should be more Crossover than Naruto. Here are my picks: Code Geass x Tales of Graces f - Th
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