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Discuss all your little fantasies of pairing character x and character y together, and then proceed to type in caps at anyone who disagrees with you. Come on, you know you want to.
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Tales of RPing
An RP Crossover between Tales games. I just picked to put Symphonia, cause it's the first one I played. So, come as an OC or pick a character from your fave game, and lets have a little fun.
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Tales of Time
The planet is desolate, except for one safe haven for all of the races. Valhalla. Now That their hometown is threatened by abnormal nature, our heroes band together and travel through a strange portal that opened up in front of them. It might contain their doom, but it is also their last hope for survival against the coming storm.Will you help them?
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Tales of Symphonia: After Story (RP)
NAME PUNS STOLEN FROM OTHER SERIES, HOW FUN! Anyway... This, of course, is an RP, taking place two/three years after the events of Dawn of the New World (the second game). OCs/Canon's all accepted. NO HATE ON EITHER GAME, PLEASE! (Reboot of former RP forum, Tales After Symphonia)
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Discuss the romantic pairing of Sheena Fujibayashi and Lloyd Irving. Moments you love from the game, favorite fanfics highlighting their romance, suggestions for stories. And whatever else you like.
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Every Main character including MithosYggdrasill and Yuan has a fan club here. join! Talk all you want about your favorite character! If your fav chacter is not a main character, E.G. Wonder Chef, you may add the topic. Role Playing included!
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Tales of Symphonia RP
For all of you who like to roleplay...There shall be many topics on this forum...COME AND JOIN ME IN RPing
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ToS Collaboration
For those interested, this is where we will discuss our collaboration. You are included, too, btw. Yes, you. Get in here and participate. ;P
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When OCs Take Over!
This is the place to talk about ToS original characters that YOU have created. You can ask for help developing them, promote them, or just talk about them here. NO FLAMES ALLOWED HERE!
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Advertise your fic
Worked for hours and still no reveiws? Come advertise your ToS fanfiction! Also get help with a current fic, reccomend, request, or just chat. HAVE FUN!
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Pairing tolerance
Want a place to discuss bizarre or unusual pairings without getting flamed from all sides? Well, here it is! The no flaming rule will be strictly enforced. I want everyone to play nice, please.
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The Tales of Symphonia Challenge Forum
Got a hot idea for a fan fiction and don't know where to put it? Let this forum be the repository for all your challenges, plot bunnies, or just a place to bounce your thoughts around. Come one, come all, these story plots need an author to take them home!
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Why Do They?
Questions about the Tales of Symphonia World that we must have answered! Or at least, that I want answered...
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tales of symphonia: dawn of the new world
everything tos2!
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ToS Roleplay
This is a role play because there is a lack of role plays for this awesome game. There is a summary inside.
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Searching for a Symphonia RP partner :3
Casting my net about for a role play. I've been writing fanfictions here for at leave five years. Now it's time to write a story /with/ someone else. :
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Free to a Good Home
Anybody in need of a prompt or story idea? Come and get them! And if you decide to write and post any of these ideas, they also come with one free reviewer! :D
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A fourm for fans of the cutest couple in ToS! Warning you might find spoilers
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Fic Ideas
Lets give some ideas and help each other build on our creativity
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Mithos Yggdrasil, The Fallen Hero
This fourm is dedicated to everything about Mithos Yggdrasil! Come here to discuss any debates about our angsty Kharlan hero. All Mithos fans and other TOS fans welcomed!
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ToS Outer Heaven
Any fan of the best RPG game on the Gamecube is welcome here. As my followers, you can talk with other people and promote you story ideas here.
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TOS chat
a forum i made to discuss tales of symphonia. if you have any cheats, tips,questions, etc etc, please post them here. remember, rated T posts please
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Tales Of Symphonia Forever !
Fans francophones du meilleur RPG du Cube, c'est par ici que ├ža s'passe!
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The Kratos and Lloyd forums
A forum for all you Kratos and Lloyd fans out there. Please only put topics that has to do with Kratos andor Lloyd. NOT KRATOSXLLOYD. SPOILERS
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Angel of Tethe'alla
This is a forum for discussing the one, the only...Zelos Wilder. If you're a big fan of that funloving Chosen, then this forum should be good for you!
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