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Tales of Time
The planet is desolate, except for one safe haven for all of the races. Valhalla. Now That their hometown is threatened by abnormal nature, our heroes band together and travel through a strange portal that opened up in front of them. It might contain their doom, but it is also their last hope for survival against the coming storm.Will you help them?
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Tales of Symphonia: After Story (RP)
NAME PUNS STOLEN FROM OTHER SERIES, HOW FUN! Anyway... This, of course, is an RP, taking place two/three years after the events of Dawn of the New World (the second game). OCs/Canon's all accepted. NO HATE ON EITHER GAME, PLEASE! (Reboot of former RP forum, Tales After Symphonia)
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Searching for a Symphonia RP partner :3
Casting my net about for a role play. I've been writing fanfictions here for at leave five years. Now it's time to write a story /with/ someone else. :
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