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Vesperia Roleplay
Hello! Feel free to look around in here. C: {Currently active fourm}
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Reach for Vesperia
Got a story idea, request, or need help on writing your Tales fic? Look no further. With the goal of expanding the Tales of Vesperia category, this forum is for those who want to improve their writing and get their story noticed.
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Tales of Vesparia RP BABY!
come in ad have fun because who doesn't love this game :D
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Angels of Stars
Angels of Stars is a crossover story of Tales of Vesperia and Tales of Symphonia. For those that have read this story thus far, I might need your help down the road for ideas and such. Because authors like me can't do it alone - and that's a fact. NOTE: You MUST - I repeat, MUST - at least finished or at least got to a certain point the games Tales of Vesperia and Tales of Symphonia to understand what's going on before I created the story.
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Snail Mail Petition to Namco Bandai: BRING THE PS3
As the title says, help us convince Namco Bandai by snail mail to bring ToV PS3 over! They can ignore thousands of emails, but they can't ignore thousands of snail mail letters!
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Fic Request
I have a request for a fanfic, however, anyone else who has a request may post here as well so that other authors can see it and maybe even respond. Writers are welcome and loved for responses.
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Crossover of Inuyasha and games
HEY i thoght type of story would be instering Inuyasha/Tales of Vesperia game with Kagome/Yuri as the paring ANYWHERE, or other games like Zelda ect
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Vesperia - Sequel
A private RP for me and my friend for RPing whenever other RPs we're on are inactive. 2nd generation ToV.
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