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A Multiverse RP, featuring all Tales worlds and characters. May it be Vesperia, Abyss, Symphonia or the newer games Xillia or Graces. Anybody can find their place here. So claim CANONS, bring OCs, RP in any of the Tales worlds! If you like roleplaying and the Tales Series, then this is your new favorite forum. *ACTIVE* *NEWLY OPEN*
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Tales of the Abyss RP
This is where us TotA fans can come and rp our fav characters or make OCs. *Closed*
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Parings and Characters of Tales of the Abyss
Namco celebrates its 10th year anniversary with the release of Tales of the Abyss. And seeing how there isn’t a ToA pairingcharacter forum, I decided to make one myself. Anyone and everyone is invited. Or I’ll get Sink to do Akasic Torment on you.
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Pairings, pairings, and more pairings
Discuss any and all pairings here...
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Favourite moments?
What are some of your favourite moments from Tales of the Abyss? Discuss them here. Spoilers, maybe.
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Theories for TotA
Just as the title says. Theories for anything you want, from why a character acts a certain way to why...why anything is the way it is.
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About the world
We authors are an imaginative lot. We create stories based in other worlds about characters that aren't ours and sometimes a few that are , and we call those stories "FanFictions." I feel sorry for the characters we end up abusing.
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Tales Of Abyys Forum Maddness
About Tales of Abyss Duh
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Tales of the Abyss Manga and 4 koma
Is ToA manga and their 4koma good, then lets talk about it all here! How good is it and why is it good. Or we can just say jokes of those 4koma !
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Choice of sides
If given a choice what side would you have Luke on? Van's, or the one he is currently on already? And what of lorelei?
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October 2008 Has Finally Arrived!
Thoughts, comments and/or expectations about the new and upcoming, Tales of the Abyss the Animation! Related info you have on the anime please bring it on up here and is very much appreciated.
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Tales of the Abyss RP
A RP created by the people who join.
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The outcome of a failed mission, six god generals, a pile of paper, and no source to write to. Which is all changing since they're (very) willing to write to YOU! Ask a question, favor, advice, or just drop by to chat and whomever you ask will try to answer it as soon as they get done with their missions.
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The Yaoi God General Authors Guild
The Tales of the Abyss fanbase is hard enough to sort through as it is; how are you supposed to find fellow yaoi fans? Well, through inspiration from other fandoms, there is a saving grace. I don't care if you are an amazing writer or just enjoy reading, our goal is to gather Abyss Yaoi fans. Please come and join. You're going to like the way we act; I guarantee it.
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