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TF2 Forum M rated most of the time
A TF2 forum for fans of the game.In this place you can talk and play as your fave class in the game. more info in the fourm.
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Brand Frickin' New TF2 RP Forum!
Sadly, most of the TF2 RP forums are dead or dying. I've taken it upon myself to create a BRAND NEW, FRESH FROM THE FACTORY roleplaying forum so people can either start for the first time or migrate from another forum! All people are welcome, except trolls, which will be exterminated by squads of Pyros. So come on and join the fun (madness)!
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Team Fortress 3
Explanation within. Don't worry, it will be fun, I can promise you on my life. :)
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Forum for Intelligent and Handsome People
Talk and do anything on here. Role play, TF2 related discussions,or just plain mucking around
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Team Fortress 2 - Online Multiplayer Edition
A Team Fortress 2 Forum run by a Lunatic. Come inside to see what madness there is in a Roleplay/infodump. Ask questions or stick another fork in your friend as you read upon the jolly horror of unauthorized heroism. Clearly this is a horrible idea. There's also a place to discuss other things here if anyone wishes (mostly Steam and other crap). Dare you enter my magical realm? Latest visit: 25/04/16 EU time
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Team Fortress Mann Conflict
Chose a class. Chose to fight in any map Or relax at BLU or RED base. Come one come all who love Team Fortress 2! I know I do.
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Team Fortress 2 RP
Exactly what it says on the tin.
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A Fairly Normal TF2 RP
As the title says, this is a TF2 RP. Come on down, blow up the opposite team, capture useless briefcases, push a bomb, or just shout at each other in a ceasefire. All that and more await you here.
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Team Fortress 2 (RolePlay)
I have seen enough RP Forums die out, due to no interaction with characters. Let us RP and keep this Alive! Join in on the fun and pick a Team!
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Private TF2 RP
A private RP between myself, Darkhaseo and Trickymander chronicling a war between our OCs in RED and BLU
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Team Fortress 2 RP
Lets get another TF2 RP going here. Want to be a massive Heavy or a devious Spy? Capture the flag, capture the point, or just dominate the other team. Show your RP skills and fight for the money!
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The Wonderful World of Doctor Wheel
A forum that talks about my OCs and their stories. Also anything else on my mind that I can't fit into my stories.
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Generic TF2 Forum
Talk about the game, the memes, your stories... do a roleplay, if the fancy strikes you... issue a challenge, take a challenge. You know. Basically anything that can be connected to Team Fortress 2 in any way.
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TF2 fans unite!
Come hang out with other TF2 fans. Share your stories, exchange info, look for betas, chat, or just lurk.
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TF2 Talk
Basically, you just talk about anything TF2 related! Have fun!
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tf2 mix ups
This is my first forum so don't flame or anything insulting, I just want to here your opinion of any parodies of tf2 with stuff example:Madagascar and team fortress 2.
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Team Fortress 2 Role Play Bloodra and Hazel
An RP between a friend and I.
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TF2 Plot Bunnies
Well. Put plot bunnies in here for adoption, or adopt a plot bunny. Don't forget to link to your story if you adopt.
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General TF2 forum
A general forum for TF2. post what you want, but abide to the rules.
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A Team Fortress 2 Forum, in which you can discuss the game, recommend fics, post challenges, and generally interact with the TF2 community at large. There aren't all that many out there, so check this one out!
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Team Fortress 2 Rp
Come here to rp team fortress. You can rp ocxoc, ocx canon, canon x canon, or just regular tf2. There aren't alot of tf2 rp groups anywhere.
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The TF2 Request and Suggestion Thread
A place to leave requests/suggestions for others to take up (don't have the time and/or skill to write it yourself, simply want to see other people's interpretations of an idea, etc.). You can request pretty much anything that you'd like to see, as long as you're reasonable and respectful about it. If you take up someone's request, make sure you leave them a link in their topic! :)
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