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Deus Ex Machina
Under Work, Please come in and help if you can.
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Titainfall Roleplay: Beyond the Frontier
Pilot, the war has shifted. It's been years since the fighting began and now the IMC and Militia are both running out of resources, they're starting to hire us, Mercs, to help them conquer the Frontier and gain access to new lands and resources. It's up to you to decide on who you want to work with, you just got to have the skill. Are you ready? Then stand by for Titanfall!
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TitanFall the next generation
Come join the next generation of pilots and call down your titan when ready
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Titanfall: The Frontier
The IMC and Militia have been in constant fighting over the Frontier. The IMC looking for the materials necessary for manufacturing the Titans and look for profit. And the Militia protecting 'their' territory. The fight has lasted years now...how many more have to fall before it's all over? Create your OC and join the fight, whether it'd be with the IMC or the Militia.
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Stand by for Titanfall
Just you're average everyday Titanfall RP
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