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Let's Danmaku!
A forum created on a whim due to a lack of any active Touhou forums. Now the largest Touhou forum on the site! Thanks to WillieG.R for moderating while owner is away.
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Danmaku Paradise
Welcome to Danmaku Paradise! We're a Touhou-centric storytelling community with a chat server on discord and a dedicated wiki. If you want to talk about stories or games, well, why not? If you want to roleplay, then feel free to join us! Currently the most active Touhou Community on Fanfiction- if things seem quiet on forums, drop by our discord chat!
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Hakurei Festival!
It's time for chilling in Gensokyo! A new RP forum, which allows OCs, requests, discussions and most importantly, the RP arcs. Take your time here, dawn will surely never come!
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Touhou OC Wiki
This forum is dedicated to the original characters that appeared in Touhou fanfictions. Get a rundown of your favorites here.
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Touhou story ideas
This is a place where authors can get together and toss story ideas off each other. You can post any idea, and while it is okay to say you dislike another idea, no flaming ideas or flaming responses to your ideas, 'cause I don't think we have any extinguishers. If you have a new idea, write it down in the Incubation section. If anyone feels a strong enough attraction to an idea, and wants it to become a separate topic, let me know.
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Touhou & Smash Bros stuff
My first forum! :D If anyone wants to talk about Touhou stuff, come on in! :D Or you can talk about Smash Bros. stuff here too. Who knows, maybe I'll even let OCs in here. '3' The category may just say Touhou, but you can talk about Smash Bros. stuff here too, I don't really care. :P Sorry about the really long summary. XD Talkin' about random stuff is fine too, as long as it relates to this forum, Touhou, or Smash Bros. '3'
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OC Generation
Everyone is welcome, but not everyone can make topics. This is the typical OC creation forum that helps you create OCs without having much criticism later. NO FLAMERS PLEASE!
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Direct From Gensokyo: The RP Thread XOvers include
A place for general RP threads on fanfics. OC's may run RAMPANT at some point, and X-Overs might swamp in as well, but for the most part if you love Touhou, come here. All are welcome!
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Create and OC (Original Character) and hop in to any available story lines! All story lines (Yes, there might be more than one someday) are open to everyone. If you have a story line idea, don't hesitate to PM me.
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Len'en roleplay
This is a roleplay based on the bullet hell games by JynX. Everyone welcome
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Gensokyo Grand Battle Main Forum
The grand hub and link dump for the Gensokyo Grand Battle. Vote on your favorite danmaku-weilder and see if she will be one of the lucky eight who will make the Championships!
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Touhou RP of the Infinite Earths
An RP created for the sole purpose of having fun! Please ask for permission in the chat room before you post in the RP topics!
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Foro de Touhou en Español
No encontré ningún foro de Touhou que estuviera en español, así que decidí tomar el asunto en mis manos y hacer uno. Se aceptan sugerencias de temas para el foro.
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taiyakisoba's forum
Feel free to post whatever you like here: comments, criticism, critiques, questions, suggestions etc. I promise to check it as often as I can!
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Gensokyo Railway Series Forum
This is a place to have a discussion about the Gensokyo Railway Series, from the stories written by the Thin Shrine Maiden, to the youkai and humans that inhabit Gensokyo, to the engines that run Gensokyo's sole railway.
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Touhou United
Come in and chat, roleplay as your favorite Touhou Project characters, or discuss the games!
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Fantasy Blitzkrieg: Bunker of Discussion
All things related to my Fan Fic series - Fantasy Blitzkrieg are welcomed here. Just make sure that you are nice to everyone else.
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