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Trauma Center: United Hospital
Every of the main doctors, including Derek. Have came together to fight a new threat. The combo of GUILT, Stigma and the Roselia Virus. Will they win this war?
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Resurgam First Care RPG
Here's where we can RPG Trauma Team, with OC's the canon characters ect. All topics will be seperate roleplays and or chat threads. Feel free to jump in and roleplay. Need mods.
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Talk, Talk, Talk
Need to spill some Trauma Center? Talk here! The C2 for Le Ali Del Principio's meeting will also be held here!
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Caduceus Staff Break Lounge
A forum to discuss Trauma Center games, fanfics, upcoming news and the likes.
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The New Reality
The Trauma Center community has changed a lot since the addition of Trauma Team. This is the place to discuss our new reality. Talk about shipping, recommendations and your opinion on the OC take over.
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Trauma Center Fanfiction Awards
Which Trauma Center fanfictions are the best? You decide! It's the Trauma Center Fanfiction Awards! NOMINATIONS ACCEPTED- no voting yet. This is for best of '08 and before.
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