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Knowing that this is an Undertale RP
This is dead. No seriously, it's dead. As in, nobody even posts here anymore. Go to the Discord or something if you're that determined.
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Undertale RP (DEAD!)
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Quinn's undertale RP forum
My Own World of Fun and Adventure(NO TROLLS OR MEMEISTS)
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Crazy Undertale RP Forum
Just a RP Forum. Have fun
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Romantic Undertale Trash RP
Just some dumb roleplay with my friends. I guess you can join if you want. *shrugs*
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Welcome to the Underground
Welcome! If you like to Roleplay, Chat and other stuff like that, I think this forum is for you!
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Asgore is killed by Flowey and Frisk turns down Flowey's offer of a better ending. Undyne is made Queen, because Toriel doesn't come out of hiding until later, and Alphys is made a Queen's Advisor. Sans becomes Royal Scientist. Papyrus is the Captain of the Royal guard. Metaton is Famous with her partner Napsterblook. The humans that fall down have a place in society. Snowdin and the Core have become huge cities. Towns have sprouted in hot lands and waterfall. overall population: 1.6 million. This is the RP
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Private RP, no peeking
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Random Undertale RP
This is a random Undertale RP thing cause REASONS! Please enjoy!
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Undertale Rp (because why not?)
Um... join if you want. Several types of rps here! Active and Welcoming!
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Seeing as this is an Undertale RP forum --
- You're DETERMINED to join in.
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nothing to see here
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Tales of the Underland
A brand new Undertale forum. Come discuss the game, characters, role play, and more!
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Private Roleplay
Private RP.
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Beneath the Earth
Trapped beneath the earth, we pray for freedom and an endless sky.
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Metrotale, An Undertale AU
"Project Determination was a complete failure. She was too soft. She didn't see our goals like we do... But no matter. With this, we can finally finish what we started. Yet again, another child, but what's inside her. It's unstable. She can't help killing. But if she fails. I'll have to do this myself... Get that fool back to work. I want my army ready soon..." This is a reboot of my Undertale AU, Metropolistale. Come and Join the fun. ACTIVE AS OF SEPT. 2017
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A place for all Undertale Fans. Chat, Roleplay, what ever your Undertale heart tells you.
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Undertale RP
You feel something... you are filled with detemmination to join this and SAVE a spot for yourself.
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Underground Academy
Welcome to Underground Academy, the place where us monsters learn about the world!
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Undertale rp
Come to the underground and join the main characters. Or be an enemy. Ocs welcome. Even human ocs.
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Undertale RPS
Free to Rp. No need to sign up your OC or claim a character, you do that in your individual RPS.
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Undertale Adventures!
Are you looking for an adventure and fun? Are you wanting to meet the Undertale characters? Well look no further, because this is the forum for you! Come, create OC's or play as Canon characters and join magnificent world of Undertale! There are so many things to do, you won't know what to do! (Rp forum and VERY active)
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The UnderPost- Update 1
Howdy! This is the UnderPost! A private forum for me and GamerFan369. If you want to join leave a review on one of my stories with 'join' somewhere in it.
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Deciding to Join This Undertale RP
... Fills you with determination! A Role-Playing forum where you can RP, or... Ya know, just talk about the game itself.
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UnderfellErrortale roleplay
come if u are UF or ET fans: only two rules don't be dirty no cussing. (;
English - Topics: 2 - Posts: 231 - Since: 11-08-16 - Admin: theYOUNGforgotten
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