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Valkyria Chronicles: Chronicles of Class E
At Lanseal Military Academy, there is more to the classes than just G and A. These are the life and times of Class E, and the students that make it up. Reboot completed! We accept new people!
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Valkyria Chronicles RP
this is a RP forum of Valkyria Chronicles/ Contains RPs to the main series, and possible Crossovers, if requested.
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The War Room
Throw out any Valkyria Chronicles stuff you want to discuss here!
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Squad Barracks
A forum for discussing anything about the characters of Valkyria Chronicles, be it characterization, personalities, potentials, relationships, plot ideas... it's all free game past this point. Check your lighter at the door.
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The Gallian-Germanian War
Names Heinkelboy05, the man who manages this forum. I'm creating this to discuss topics about the universe of Valkyria Chronicles I've created in my VC series. I'm currently on the first story. It's called 'On the Gallian Front: The Gallian-Germanian War'. I'll be putting up polls, topics of discussion and such. But first I suggest that you read the story first including the info provided in the first chapter to get yourself acquainted before participating in this.
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