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The Requiem of Souls
Need beta readers or advice on how to write a specific scene? Here's the place! Just a general forum for everyone wanting to post stuff for their stories or their opinions on Vampire. Have fun!
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Everything has changed
This is a story about what goes on inside of Anzais head
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Chronicles of power
for my first story on this site I chose one that is completely original, more later. vampires and gargoyles ensue. still working on it
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Life She Never Imagine
Zina a normal girl, is what she thinks she is but, she has a secret that she herself don't know. Archer, the prince werewolf. Soon to take over his father position. Still trying to find his mate which he lost at young age...
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the vampire queen mate
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Vampire Role-Play
it's very easy, your oc or mine is the vampire or maybe both
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