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Telltale The walking dead Rp,Chat and debates,
Welcome to my Telltale the walking dead RP and chat. If you adore the walking dead game and want to share your love of Rp or simply chat about it your in the right place ! Plently of cannons slots that need to be fill!
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This New Reality
The dead walk among us. What should we do? We survive. Join the roleplay as either a canon character or your very own OC. Five months in.
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The Walking Dead: Roads Less Traveled
The infection spread like wildfire. Across the world, survivors grouped together, fighting over what was left. No one was safe. Bandit, Military, or survivor, the dead have come. And are looking straight for you.
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Writing Dead
This forum is for everything from advertisement, roleplaying, writing help threads, and games that earn you reviews. Fanart for characters can also be requested.
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Walking Dead Game RP Universes and discussion
A Rp and discussion thats main focus on the Video Game. It is not just one Rp it is multiple Rps where anything could have happen, add OC's that Lee and the gang meets up with, or have it as cross over with either the TV show or Comic Characters. Alter fates of the good character(s) (of course some deaths are fix no question about that) who died up to this point. Please Note changes will occur with every episode added to the game. CURRENTLY BEING PLAN BY ADIMINISTRATOR AND MODERATORS!
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Walking Dead RP, Discussion and Chat
Walking Dead. We love the game. RP about it, Talk about it, or chat about it.
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KennyLee roleplayers?
I want to know if there's any roleplayers interested in Kenny/Lee roleplays
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