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Warcraft based roleplay campaigns
For any who have general knowledge of the games and would enjoy a custom laid out story driven RP, not based in the world but using it's creatures and mechanics, I invite your wholly to here. Welcome!
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World of Warcraft: The RP
There doesn't seem to be an active WoW forum. Let's change that! Play any race or class in RP, or discuss different aspects of the game within the chat!
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Uneasy Tides
The world known as Azeroth has crumbled and been lit aflame by the rage of Garrosh, and the humans feeling exposed from the inactivity of their King and leader. These actions caused a spark of distrust from the other leaders of the horde and alliance. The Tauren, multiple trolls, Draenei, and night elves have declared themselves neutral and each individual may choose a side as they please. Though for the peaceful pandaren, ahead lies a terribly grim decision...
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World of Warcraft: The Age of Mortals
With the fall of Deathwing, the discovery of Pandaria, and the mortality of the Dragon Aspects, Azeroth seems to have conquered almost anything that has been thrown at them. Except for one thing: the war between the Alliance and the Horde. All peace between them has been destroyed and now their hatred for each other is the only thing that remains. Take arms and fight! Whether it is in the name of the Alliance or the Horde, it is up to you.
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WoW: A New Era
Just a WoW of RP. Check it out. I can garauntee that you'll have loads of fun.
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WoW: The New World
(A fun RP to hang out, chat, do quests, and make new friends!) Something terrible has happened... Forcing both the worlds of Earth and Azeroth to collide... A new evil has risen... Forcing the Alliance and Horde to make a sort of.. truce. And both Alliance and Horde to make a truce with these 'humans of Earth'. Will everyone get away unscathed?
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