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Warriors Orochi Role Playing Game
This is the only Warriors Orochi RPG that is on this site. All OCs are welcome. This site also focuses more on individual scenarios as opposed to full-on wars, though if requested, we can try it out.
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Warriors Orochi RP forum
Warriors Orochi RP forum. Time and Space Warp the boundaries of Existence, forcing those to take up the sword to fight for their lives in a world filled with chaos. OC/Canon accepted, Canon/OC RPs accepted.
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Warriors Orochi
A private Warriors Orochi RP forum.
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Warriors Orochi RP
This is a RP of Warriors Orochi that will go over ALL battles that have taken place in the current games. When a scenario is closed, *CLOSED* will be on the end of the thread title. You may be one of the original warriors i.e Kunoichi, Zhao Yun, Ling Tong, or be your own
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Warriors Orochi
Warriors Orochi...someone's messing around with history. Complains, advise or requests allowed
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Warriors Orochi
This is for all the people who really like Warriors Orochi! Where do you get your inspiration?
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Warriors of Legend
Rpg of Historic Japan and Historic China. Create a character or Role play as one of the characters of the games, Unite Japan or Rule all China. Take on Orochi in a massive army. Just have fun but follow rules!
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Heroes from Across Time
A small forum where people talk about the crossover, "Heroes from Across Time", as well as ways to improve it. Plus, the perfect place to ask questions and suggestions!
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