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Turns out, Aiden Pearce or 'The Vigilante' isn't the only hacker causing problems for the ctOS. Turns out, there are more hackers flooding into Chicago each day...all wanting to get something. Make your hacker, choose a code name, and make your choice; are you going to use Chicago for...or against the people? *ACTIVE RP*
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Following the catastrophic Chicago Blackout of 2014, Aiden Pearce's sheer willpower inspired many. Grey-hat activists, money-hungry fixers, and supposed liberators arose from the shadows and roamed alongside innocent men and women. The CTOS network was breached and exposed to many. Crime rates grew at astonishing rates. Now, in this newly formed version of The Windy City, you decide whether to be the vigilant watchers and protectors of Chicago or the greedy criminal masterminds shrouding it in darkness.
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