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Ramble on and on about your favorite character. Meet other fans of the characters. Only we understand your obssession.
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Prophet Appreciation Society
For those who love the prophets from Wild Arms 3. Did you think Melody, Malik and Leehalt didn't go with the bang they deserved? Or maybe you'd like to think up a little more backstory? This is the place to come.
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WAOC Convention
I noticed there are a lot of OC's. Here's where you can discuss about them what you never said in stories, or test ideas for one.
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happy with where the series is going?
is the series back on track? or has it gone down hill from 4?
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Anyone else wish there was more WA1 ACF fics around?
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Wild Arms Theories
You guys know you have questions, so ask them here. And maybe someone would be able to answer them...
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Rudy and Cecilia
For all of the fans of the Rudy/Cecilia Pairing, the official main Couple of the original Wild Arms 1 and Wild Arms Alter Code: F. Please discuss anything about these two Lovebirds here.
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