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Wizard101 RP
This is a forum where you can roleplay for Wizard101! Everyone is welcome, please join!
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So, you want to write a story?
Now contains writing help information, extra information and previews for The Destiny of Fire's Song, and a chat thread.
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Wizard101: Spiral Stories
Because Wizard101 is my newest fascination and now that I have discovered RPG's I would like to start my own.
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We're Not All That Bad!
This is actually an English speaking forum, just so you're aware. Most people consider Malistaire and Cyrus Drake to be the worst characters in the game. However, they can also be seen as two of the best thought-out characters in Wizard and Pirate101. Do you agree? Join us here! Disagree? Feel free to see the opposite viewpoint discussed in this forum. Note for all forum users: PLEASE SEE THE FORUM RULES BEFORE POSTING!
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Wizard101 Forum
Just a forum of Wizard101
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Wizard101 best school
Hey guys. scarletfireblade. This is a wizard101 favorite school forum.
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Wizard101 RPG 2
Last one I created failed miserably. x. x So here it is again. Come and play if you feel like it.
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Wizard 101 RolePlay
Welcome, new students. You are all either a witch or wizard, and are hereby accepted into the Ravenwood Schol of Magical Arts. Magic and fun awaits at Ravenwood! See you inside...
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Pirate101Wizard101 RP
Come to a place where both worlds collide!
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Just another wizard101 forum..
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The Resistance by Sam Francisco
Anything regarding The Resistance that you want to ask others or ask me. Don't forget to submit a review though, and if it's private, you can always PM me.
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Wizard101 SYOC
This is Wizard101 SYOC in forum form because I was asked to change it
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W101 (Wizard 101) Forums
this is just another Wizard101 forums
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Wizard101 Stories and Such
Need help on your Wiz story? Character issues? Plot holes? Need some ideas? Or are you just looking for some awesome fanfics? Look no further! (Basically another "So you want to write a story?" forum, only instead of Firestorm, you get me. :P)
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