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Joshyme's Hachiko
Where fans of Joshyme and Neshiki and general insanity come to chat and slam souls. Or something. o.O We're not sure yet. C'mon in, boss!
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Composer's Playground: Wecome to the Underground!
Welcome to the Composer's playground, where you can Chat about the game, or RP through the Reapers' Game yourself as your own character. Fail and face Erasure......
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Twewy Roleplay!
Let the Reaper Games begin! Create an OC, find a partner, defeat the noise and try to stay alive. Will you be the winner of this game or have to face erasure? *Dun DUn DUN* [[Open for anybody to join!]]
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Dibs on Rainbow!
Chat about anything TWEWY related here! ...And, if you feel like it, anything that isn't! :D
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Welcome to the Reaper's Game
Are you worthy for a second chance? Welcome to the Reaper's game. You will experience the hardest of the hard. Try to survive. Avoid being erase. Reapers will be scoring you. Join the RPG. Time limit: 10 minutes. Fail and face erase. -The Reapers
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*twitch* Damn...I have so many RPs...WHATEVER. THIS IS A THE WORLD ENDS WITH YOU RP. Within, you may create an OC and participate in the Reaper's Game! You can make a Reaper, too.
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The World Ends With You, The RP
(Takes place after TWEWY). Welcome to The World Ends With You, The RP. Here we will enter the Reaper's game, and fight the Noise... but can we survive?
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Shinigami no Forum
The first TWEWY forum, to discuss TWEWY. Wanna talk about a favorite character? Want to talk about the Reapers? Wnat to share some tips, your favorite pin decks, your favorite pin, need soem tips on that boss or mission you can't beat? Share it all here!
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The World Ends with You Too
A looming symbol of noise, reapers and new threats? What do you think Shibuya would experience over the slow decay of time?
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TWEWY: Past, Present, and Future
We've all played TWEWY, but what SHOULD'VE happened? What should happen in any sequel that involves TWEWY. Does anyone even still LIKE TWEWY? I do.
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The Reapers Game RP
Make an oc and see if you deserve a second chance. Just be careful, cause the reapers are waiting for you.
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TWEWY Mini Bang
Announcement/discussion board for the TWEWY Mini Bang, which is being organized by guardianoftime and me over on Tumblr. If you've been waiting for one... :) If you're not sure what a 'Mini Bang' is and are interested in finding out, come take a look!
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This Discussion Ends With Us
This forum is for discussing a number of topics.Pairings,Friendships,as well as other things.
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Of Players And Reapers
There are others. Of course there are. There have always been other Players, always been other Reapers. RolePlay as one.
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The UG
This is the UG. Discuss TWEWY, or anything else really.
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Fanfiction to Fangames
Taking your fanfictions and turning them in visual novels. OC-containing works welcome, will upload sample screenshots soon. Join in for more info!
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Shut Up And Walk, Dear
We're all about Josh and his Nekkun here. Don't be scared off if you like any other pairings, though! All sorts of discussions go down in Josh/Neku cavern.
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