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Gathering Unnatural
The year is 2008, the Armageddon of the world never happened, but in the dead of night... something stirs. Old World of Darkness RP
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Wizard of the Emerald Looking Glass
The City of Seattle is ruled by a mad Malkavian Prince. The Garou are restless, believing the Wyrm has agents in the city. Hunters are forced to carry the vigil more and more. An rp that blends old and new WOD, enter the city of Seattle and join the tea party, because after all...there's no place like home...
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World of Darkness: 2183
The Apocalypse happened. However, the world did not end. The Supernatural beings of the world united, and fought back the End Times. And for their sacrifice, Humanity cast them out into the void of space. But there are more creatures in the Dark then you
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Fire's Campaign
Just a place for me to put things all my players need access to that doesn't require using half a dozen sites.
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Storyteller Central
Come, sit, post! Come and discuss story hooks, and st methods, house rules and the like! get advice on your Next GMPC aka, NPC. if you're new to the game storytelling get advice from fellow storytellers!
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Sound of the Streets
oWoD RP set in modern London.
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New World of Darkness
Please join all are welcome. Once you join post a charactor to the charactor section.
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Clash of Light and Shadow
Contrary to popular belief, scientists have not discovered everything about the universe. There's a shadow world beneath ours that's jam packed with the impossible. And there's a war going on.
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The Bridge Between Worlds- After the Apcolypse
I have a theory... What if the End Times was just the beginning? What if there's a way to bridge the two seemingly different series? I need people to bounce these ideas off of, and would love to hear other theories. Includes all four major cWoD and nWoD branches: Changeling, Mage, Vampire, and Werewolf.
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