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The Human War discussion:
This forum is dedicated to my fic 'The Human War' and its surrounding universe.
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X-Com: I am watchful, I am necessary
For 20 years the ADVENT coalition has worked tirelessly to build a bond of trust with humanity. For 20 years their lies have poisoned the world. However, some haven't forgotten what the aliens did during the invasion. Some remain vigilant, even as the world around them happily walks blind. [Will include War of the Chosen content.]
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Xcom RP forum
In the past several decades, sightings of unnatural phenomena called "Unidentified Flying Objects" began to be reported to governments around the world. In the past few years, the number of sightings has risen. Dramatically. Draws from both the old and new Xcom titles.
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X-COM: The Brave and the Bold
Aliens are invading. We don't need soldiers. We need the best of the best. Mercenaries, soldiers of fortune, hopefull rookies... maybe even help from the otehr side. Are you willing to join in? Then welcome... To X-Com.
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My XCOM fanfics
Discussion of the XCOM fanfics Unknown Menace and Abyssal
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XCOM crossover forum
This is a forum to discuss Ideas, challenges, and WIPs for X-COM crossovers. Any and all crossovers with X-COM are welcome, regardless of x-com game used, bizzare headcanons, and any unusual ideas. as long as it is an XCOM crossover, I want to see your Ideas.
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XCOM returns
Welcome back has been a while, i have to say.Earth,now taken over by the aliens themselves. Vahlen is god knows where,shen is dead,and bradford is too busy crying himself to sleep.We only have a handful of veterans or experienced soldiers,so we need to find more before advent fucks us over.You ready? because i the sure hell am.A let's-see-if-we -can-pwn-shit type of rp. Only one character,but melee weaponry is allowed,of eing as this is an XCOM 2 fanfiction, we can make shit up still,right! right?
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