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The untold chronicles
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Xenoblade Chronicles 2: New Land, New Stories
Thanks to the Architect, the world was born anew. But because of it's hasty creation, not everything is perfect. Plenty of monsters roam the land, causing the people to be fearful, sticking to the Titans they are familiar with. But a hundred years later, the Titans are getting crowded. The new land needs to be explored and settled. So Drivers and Blades now find themselves with a new purpose.
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Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Discord Roleplay group Accepting people
Hey do you like Xenoblade Chronicles 2, and would like to roleplay with their characters? Well I'm starting up a group roleplay just for the occasion over on discord! We could roleplay along the main story, perhaps do some AUs and some other fun things too!
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Oc Help
just a forum post to help with a oc i'm working on
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