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Yandere sim: Osoro x Taro
A girl at Akademi High School has a crush on a boy named Taro Yamada. This girl is Osoro Shidesu. The strongest student in school, leader of the group of delinquents. But, she is not the only one who likes Taro. Osoro is being hunted down by a dangerous yandere girl named Ayano Aishi. Will Osoro live to lead a happy life with Taro? Or will she meet a horrible fate?
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Yandere midori
I have looked around the internet but i couldnt find a yandere dev and midori gurin fic , thats why i created a forum of the idea. And you can control the plot of the story , it can be a story of friendship , romance or horror , good luck with the idea and like a certain scouts says , rembember that yandere dev from yandere simulator is that dude! "Bang"
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