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Join our swelling ranks of writers and roleplayers in the world of Infamous.
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inFAMOUS: The New War
This forum will ALWAYS be accepting new characters. Don't be shy, come on in and introduce yourself. Please have fun, but be respectful and mature. Immerse yourself in the Universe
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InFAMOUS War of the Conduits
Cole MacGrath has become the Beast and is freeing more and more Conduits everyday. However a select few challenge his need for constant death and begin fighting back. A brand new city, and a brand new world. Choose your side.
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The First Sons - INACTIVE
Welcome to a world much like our own, where super-powered beings, called "Conduits", lie in wait, unaware of their true power. In the great American city of Empire City, a man, charged with delivering a mysterious package to a client, opened the package and unleashed a huge explosion, killing thousands. Two weeks later, he, along with many others, had been reborn from the blast. They had discovered their true power... They will be forced to make moral decisions... They were the First Sons.
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InFAMOUS: Second Son RP
Follow the story of Delsin Rowe as he goes on a journey to stop the D.U.P. from taking over Seattle and kidnapping other Conduits! Take a Canon Character or make your own Conduit, and join Delsin's forces. Will he redeem you an teach you to use your powers for good? Or will he use his own ideas and corrupt you into making you an ultimate weapon against the D.U.P.s? Join the cause and find out!
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inFAMOUS chat
Talk about anything and everything inFAMOUS related. Also inclues an fan chosen inFAMOUS live action cast list.
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Infamous's new begining
as the second sun rises on the world. what new conduits will arise,who will be good and who will be evil
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Create your conduit with their own unique powers and explore the city of Seattle while fighting the D.U.P. Be the marauder of the city, the savior of the people, or remain neutral all together. The power to decide who you are and what you will do lies in your hands.
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How inFAMOUS are you?
A RP and chat forum for anybody who enjoys the game inFAMOUS.
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inFAMOUS: Products Of Our Time RP
We are a product of our times, that is to say, we are a product of the world around us. Just as our parents can affect the way we think so too does the world affect the way we think and act. So in times of madness and bio-terrorists, how will our time effect us? Post-InFamous 2 RP
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Of Lightning, Flesh, and Swords Forum (inFamous)
A general meeting place for people to discuss about "Of Lightning, Flesh, and Swords" (ClaymoreXPrototypeXInfamous crossover). Here you can ask questions about the story, gives suggestions for potential plot points, and even get updates on the story
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Everything To Do With inFAMOUS
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