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War of the Species: A Shapeshifter Rp
For centuries, a war between shapeshifters has been fought. No one knows why anymore - all they know is they must fight. It's been bred into them, their ancestors did it, therefore they must do it as well. Come on in and join the war!
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Survivor: Authors Vs Authors
My last forum of the Year! Yes I know it's Sept. Come and compete in this epic battle. You will have to outwit, outplay, and outlast the rest of the Survivors. Winner gets a prize I'm still thinking about. I dont know when I will start this yet.
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A discussion group Members only
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It's for the LULZ
Meh, just a place where me and my friend hung out.
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Naruto: life in the ninja world
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Dangan Ronpa: Despair's Fortune
Once upon a time, there was a magical academy where those who were talented attended. However, the academy was overtaken by despair..Watch as the new students of Lapillus Academy fight for hope. Or will they fall into despair before they know it..?
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Rp Chronicles
A collection of random rp's that have absolutely nothing to do with each other if you feel you want to join us go ahead and do it XD. This place isnt dead even though it looks like it, we are just currently rping in another rp specific forum because it was to large for me to fit in here and are actually looking for more rpers for it XD.
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A New World
The World of Naxon is starting to light ablaze heading for a world war Zantan is under civil war nations watch waiting to see who will win some hoping to take out zantan once their weak alliance are starting to be formed the world heads for war.
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The Author Appreciation Guild
Authors paint with words. Here, at the Author Appreciation Guild, we love the art they create & everything those words have given to us. We want to give something back. We offer concrit & advice guides; we want to help authors improve.
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Super Duper Bro
Invite only
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Rooster Teeth and Achievement Hunter Roleplay
they gays, they gaying together
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Lemony Retreat
This is a forum for smut! Details are good! Rated M for more, 18
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Werecats!: Nations
Based on Flykker's Werecats Forum. Venture out in a society that is made up of people who possess the genetics and traits of various animals. Can you survive the war between the clans. Can you and your clan triumph over all? Or will peace finally spread across the lands
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The Divergent forum
hi guys whats up this is going to be a safe place for everone PLEASE no cussing keep everything rated T please and thank you. So this is a forum for roleplay or if you need someone to talk to if you want to join let me know and make a character and i will accept it so have fun.
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WereCat Forum!
This is for all the werecat lovers! Make an oc and RP! We will most likely accept you!
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tbh i have no idea what we're doing with our lives /multiple aus - invites only
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Medieval World Roleplay
Enter a Medieval World and create your own storylines. Play as a noble, knight, royalty or even a peasant. Is now a Historical/Fantasy Fiction Roleplay. Different roleplays span from the 0AD to 1600AD.
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Space RP
An original space rp. Details inside. Very sci-fi with ships and the like.
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This is a Clan that you can come to and have fun! :D Also, once you have found this Clan and have decided to join, please tell others! Advertise FunClan on your stories You may role-play here to your heart's content and do what ever your hearts desire. If you have any idea's for topics or games, tell me or one of the other moderators and we'll happily comply! So hurry up and click that link!
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House of Roleplay
A forum of many RPs and only a limited few, modest rules.
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Master and Maid RP
Just as the title says but you can be a butler too. Rated T-M so enter at own risk.
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DC: Carry On
It's been 30 years, the heroes of yesterday just can't keep up, that's where the newer generation come in. Some have carried on their families legacies, others have now created their own. Whatever they are doing they know they must carry on the fight against crime
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The Soul Keeper's Domain
A place where Legendary Roleplayers reside and create worlds. Also, big thanks to the artists that helped make the collage that represents us!
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Gakuen Hetalia Roleplay Forum
((ROLEPLAY OFFICIALLY CLOSED.)) With Rome as the Headmaster of the university, who wouldn't expect a twisted and awesome school life? Enjoy school and club activities, dorm life, special events and craziness with fellow RPers. Roleplay either as students or teachers! Copyright 2013-2015.
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Survivor Isle of Man
18 survivors will be stranded in the Isle of Man. Who will outwit, outplay, and outlast all the rest, to become the sole survivor?
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