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The Room
Welcome to The Room. We read. We write. We review. This forum is new and growing and is open to any and all who want to improve their writing and reviewing skills, share good reads with one another, and have an overall respectful and fun time. We have multiple review and writing games as well as an ever-evolving list of Favorite fics.
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SpringBorn and tekuninkid only
Private RP
English - Topics: 11 - Posts: 15,198 - Since: 06-20-16 - Admin: BlueOysterCultLeader
Multiverse Division: Truth or Dare!
Ask anyone in the Multiverse Division a question, or dare them!
English - Topics: 13 - Posts: 15,192 - Since: 01-23-17 - Admin: InuJon
Danganronpa: A Beautifully Despair-Filled Life
You've been accepted into Hope's Peak, the most respected school in the world. Just before you take your first step into your new life.. everything goes black. New RP! Open to anyone, spots are limited.
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Team Alpha Awesome Amazing Super Cool RP Club!
A place to make general rps about whatever you want, based off other stories or your own original work!
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The Dilapidated Dame - Mr Trigger's Bar
Drop in, let me pour you a virtual drink. Discuss and exchange stories with fellow drunkards and writers. Two rules: No politics and no religion, outside of their respective threads.
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Heroes and Villains
A super hero rp that in it's own universe. Come on and join!
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SPW's Total Rip-Off Book of Events
I love random languages. Honestly, its private. You want in? Just PM me. Anyway, this book carries the events of SPW and all his OCs and favorite Canons. Its a RP, I promise.
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OC Chat!
This is a forum where you can chat with other members, but you will be an OC of your choice for a change. So, come on in. The doors are open and you can start chatting!
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It's the RL RP!
An rp that you do it RL, confusing? Then i's not for you! come join the fun and rp who you want how you want!
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Superherovillain rpg
My old summary was slowly eating my eyes... O.o Anyways, this RP is about superheroes. And villains. Or heroes eating popcorn watching fellow heroes and villains fight. Whatever. *laughs*
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Nos mudamos: facebook com/groups/1472917839413068/
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Fire & Spirit
Just a story between two OC's
English - Topics: 12 - Posts: 14,600 - Since: 08-05-11 - Admin: J.C. Conner
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The Yuri RP
This RP is for lemons and yuri galore. It's rated M, so if you can't handle it, don't enter. Also, it's only for femslash, so if you're not interested, then take your writing elsewhere! Read the rules before posting anything.
English - Topics: 20 - Posts: 14,516 - Since: 04-23-14 - Admin: Garden.of.Mazes
Supernatural World War: Twilight Roleplay!
What if the battle at the end of Breaking Dawn was just the beginning? The Beginning of what you ask? The Beginning of a Supernatural World War! Create an OC or become a Canon and prepare for battles in war!
English - Topics: 18 - Posts: 14,455 - Since: 10-28-13 - Admin: ShamelesslyInLoveWithGallavich
City of Mages
Magic is real within the world. Mages of each element: Water, Fire, Air, Earth, Light, and Dark in habit this planet along side humans. Each element has it's own specialties, and it's own alliances.
English - Topics: 10 - Posts: 14,395 - Since: 06-08-12 - Admin: Punisher164
Glee The Next Generation! RP
All the New Directions graduated, and now 15 years later they search for new members. Come in to make an OC or Canon! /*UNACTIVE*/
English - Topics: 18 - Posts: 14,257 - Since: 07-07-13 - Admin: x Waving Through A Window x
Paranormal High SchoolCollege Roleplay Forum
Dean, Sam and Cas have opened up a school for individuals possessing paranormal powers. As long as you don't cause trouble all are welcome! Come be whatever you like, a witch, warlock, vampire, werewolf, mermaid, angel, selkie, ANYTHING! [[ Must be 15 or Older Due to Language and content ]]
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The Random Order
Just like kindergarten, only no one is eating paste or shoving beans up their noses...oh wait, never mind.
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The Realm of Boredom
For those whose boredom knows no limits
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Lumos Umbra
Adventure, Role Play, and Hanging Out. A place for us Special People to chill and adventure together.
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Talk to me What do you want to say?
Tell me what's on your mind. Sonic and Crew, Anime, cartoons, anything! Go on. You know you have something to say. ;D
English - Topics: 5 - Posts: 14,120 - Since: 07-29-08 - Admin: darkness wasted
Endless Rp
This Rp will contain millions of different Rp's for all roleplayers including yaoi, yuri and hetro based coupling as well as anything else you have in mind! You can come in and ask to Rp a certain couple favorite or join the other extra OC rps like the High School RP or thevies RP! All are welcomed to this word of Endless possiblites!
English - Topics: 17 - Posts: 14,081 - Since: 09-16-14 - Admin: NinjaPimpDes
The Teen Wolf Roleplay
Join the adventure with your favorite character from Teen Wolf or create your very own character to have even more fun!
English - Topics: 8 - Posts: 14,035 - Since: 08-24-16 - Admin: PetrovasWolf
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