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Spiralling Storm
cal cant cook
English - Topics: 45 - Posts: 93,899 - Since: 02-10-13 - Admin: Castiel's Sidehoe
The Old Evrensel
"What passing-bells for these who die as cattle? Only the monstrous anger of the guns. Only the stuttering rifles' rapid rattle, Can patter out their hasty orisons." With worlds soaked in blood and the brave many slain by the hundreds, the struggle to bring peace to a broken multiverse is a difficulty too hard to bear alone. But hope is not yet lost, for there are many more willing to battle the evil this conflict brings. Will you join them?
English - Topics: 45 - Posts: 92,822 - Since: 12-28-16 - Admin: Wade Amore
Another Life
Come start your new life here in Haven City. Make friends, get yourself the job you always wanted and live a lavish life once you can afford it. Come join for the casual sexy fun of a city RP, or delve deeper into the darker threads All fantasies are welcome...
Vietnamese - Topics: 49 - Posts: 91,011 - Since: 06-20-16 - Admin: SpaceRyder69
Camp Half-Blood RP!
Jump in make an OC! And enjoy life in Camp!
English - Topics: 83 - Posts: 87,626 - Since: 06-17-13 - Admin: LilacDusts
Private Role Play for EgyptAdbydos & Mary Jane24
This is a private RP please ignore unless your Mary Jane24
English - Topics: 203 - Posts: 86,863 - Since: 05-22-14 - Admin: EgyptAdbydos
Worlds' End
Some people thought the Multiverse was real, but what happens when they're proven right? And why do their loved ones suddenly walk through them like they're ghosts? (Multifandom rp)
English - Topics: 22 - Posts: 86,414 - Since: 12-02-18 - Admin: x.TheInquisitor.x
The Store Next Door
The new version of The Shoppe, now affectionatly known as 'Sneed.' Home to the Old Kingdom RP that keeps Sanaryelle and Fishy Biscuits awake till Charter-knows-what time in the morning!
English - Topics: 67 - Posts: 86,091 - Since: 11-05-10 - Admin: Fishy Biscuits
MÄ—lyna Deimantai
Currently a closed forum, accepting no new members.
English - Topics: 21 - Posts: 80,025 - Since: 03-06-11 - Admin: Areyoufeelingwicked
The Return of Jumpy's Haven
A place to Roleplay for my friends. Mostly invite only but if you do want to join please post a link to an rp you are part of so I can view your skills.
English - Topics: 211 - Posts: 79,834 - Since: 05-15-11 - Admin: Jedi-Master-Jumpy
Story RPs
Anyone who has a story idea that needs help can come here to work on those stories, writers can even work on them if they're just working on a chapter.
English - Topics: 84 - Posts: 79,460 - Since: 06-18-10 - Admin: Kamen Rider Fan 12
Lolli S's Candy Shop
Come here to RP, discuss Lolli's stories as well as your own, and all sorts of fun stuff.
English - Topics: 86 - Posts: 78,318 - Since: 11-29-09 - Admin: Lolli-S
Whispers of Darkness: A Role Play
Multifandom RP featuring Reign, Merlin, Narnia, Supernatural, The Mortal Instruments, The Infernal Devices, Percy Jackson, The Vampire Diaries, The Originals, Criminal Minds, Star Trek: Voyager and Hunger Games.
English - Topics: 19 - Posts: 77,695 - Since: 06-01-16 - Admin: UnderATrillionStars
Tempting Fate: A Harry Potter Alternate Universe RPG
Storyline starts the summer before 6th year.
English - Topics: 29 - Posts: 77,093 - Since: 09-06-16 - Admin: Siriusly A. Marauder
New Forum
English - Topics: 24 - Posts: 76,867 - Since: 06-07-18 - Admin: The Reddest Of Roses
Toonami Anime Club RP
For RP Ideas that lack popularity, here is where the lesser known anime's get a chance to shine, here the revolution will not be televised but RPed out.XD Sibling forum to Chibicosmos's three worlds forum: /forum/Three-Worlds-Disney-Cartoon-Network-and-Nickeloden-RP/123314/
English - Topics: 43 - Posts: 75,588 - Since: 11-26-14 - Admin: Angelic Wild rose Mithos
St Claire's Institution for the Mentally Unwell
Create a patient- or a doctor- and throw them into the mad world of an insane asylum.
English - Topics: 65 - Posts: 74,345 - Since: 01-29-12 - Admin: Madame Apathy
Old Forum
This is a private forum. Please respect that.
English - Topics: 21 - Posts: 74,175 - Since: 07-29-15 - Admin: The Reddest Of Roses
Victorian Time RP
Roleplay here as in the sweet Southern town of Mayfield, Georgia(a town of my imagination), in the year 1826, where ladies were as sweet as pie and men were Southern gentleman. You can RP as a Southern belle, or one of her family members, a gentleman suitor, slaves/servants, or anything in between. *THIS FORUM IS STILL GOING, with some new information. At times this forum has mature things, so to keep things appropriate, we ask that our members be 16 years old or older.*
English - Topics: 119 - Posts: 73,012 - Since: 06-20-13 - Admin: mrslukecastellan
We will not bow
Closed forum.
English - Topics: 46 - Posts: 72,667 - Since: 04-04-14 - Admin: Kris. Daughter of Death
Random RP Forum
Create your own RP, be creative and have fun with others. That is all I must say to those of you who join this forum.
English - Topics: 188 - Posts: 71,994 - Since: 01-28-14 - Admin: Kanto Haru
The Empire
English - Topics: 49 - Posts: 70,663 - Since: 07-28-11 - Admin: bookworlders
Centrum reboot
English - Topics: 29 - Posts: 68,308 - Since: 07-16-18 - Admin: Silent Wolf Singer
Fantasy Rules
Just another Forum.
English - Topics: 26 - Posts: 66,704 - Since: 11-25-08 - Admin: NukeDawg
SoulClan, Where Lost Souls Are Found
If you don't get caught, it's not a crime. -Up and active since September 13, 2015- WE WILL BE ALPH- I mean... whaaaaaaat?
English - Topics: 150 - Posts: 66,342 - Since: 09-13-15 - Admin: Five Dollar Mixtape
Title says all.(Invite only)
English - Topics: 44 - Posts: 66,254 - Since: 09-05-15 - Admin: SlytherinPotter98350
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