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Star Studios
English - Topics: 110 - Posts: 56,977 - Since: 01-22-11 - Admin: Tzubasa
Realm of Heroes
Welcome to my forum my friends chill out relax have some arguments battle crack open some soda and have fun
English - Topics: 219 - Posts: 56,169 - Since: 07-23-12 - Admin: King of The Netherworld
Multi RP
A place where I make a rps that don't fit in any one show
English - Topics: 11 - Posts: 55,790 - Since: 07-11-12 - Admin: code R.R
Random RP Forum
Create your own RP, be creative and have fun with others. That is all I must say to those of you who join this forum.
English - Topics: 155 - Posts: 55,644 - Since: 01-28-14 - Admin: Kanto Haru
Bleached Chaos RP
Has been dead for a while. Carry on.
English - Topics: 19 - Posts: 54,942 - Since: 08-23-09 - Admin: Baalphegor
Vocaloid Roleplay Central
Do you like to roleplay Vocaloid? Angst, love, fluff, and so on can be abundant here! This is a place for people with a passion for roleplay!
English - Topics: 309 - Posts: 54,921 - Since: 10-13-15 - Admin: Kaito Shion V3
Hogwarts OnlineCLOSED see summary
we are closed. Check out our new forum. HOGWARTS Online II. WELCOME! WELCOME! To Hogwarts school of Witch craft and Wizardry a home for those of us who live and breathe the World of Magic. At our core we are a home for those looking to unite under the M
English - Topics: 53 - Posts: 54,911 - Since: 04-06-10 - Admin: Hogwarts Online II
Prescott High School Roleplay!
Welcome to PHS! Make your own OC and enroll now! Being a teenager is hard enough without juggling cliques, barbie-brigades and high school work with it. Prepare yourselves for drama, drama, DRAMA!
English - Topics: 36 - Posts: 54,086 - Since: 05-05-12 - Admin: LoushaLaLaaaaa
The World of Warriors
Welcome to the World of Warriors forum! Here you can play games, role play, do challenges, or simply chat. Don't be shy and come right in! Let the party begin and make some new friends while you're at it!
English - Topics: 158 - Posts: 53,467 - Since: 07-14-16 - Admin: Lavender Katherine Frost
Victorian Time RP
Roleplay here as in the sweet Southern town of Mayfield, Georgia(a town of my imagination), in the year 1825, where ladies were as sweet as pie and men were Southern gentleman. You can RP as a Southern belle, or one of her family members, a gentleman suitor, slaves/servants, or anything in between. *THIS FORUM IS STILL GOING. Feel free to come in and check it out or PM Mrslukecastellan for some more info*
English - Topics: 93 - Posts: 53,259 - Since: 06-20-13 - Admin: mrslukecastellan
Adult Forum For Adult Things
This a forum for sex and other adult things... But mostly sex. Only join if you are an experience lemon writer or have been invited :3
English - Topics: 42 - Posts: 52,765 - Since: 02-26-14 - Admin: SpaceBabe69
Creature Haven, School for Monsters
Come roleplay in Haven's Boarding School, a school hidden from humans and their society. Make a werewolf, vampire, dragon, or whatever you'd like, it's up to you! We're always accepting new members, so come RP with us!
English - Topics: 74 - Posts: 52,531 - Since: 10-27-10 - Admin: Evangeliion
The Angels Around Us
This is a RP where you can create a angel that can ether be Darkworld or Lightworld.Update:The Lostworld has been discovered!
English - Topics: 9 - Posts: 52,178 - Since: 05-03-12 - Admin: Spiders Cutlass
Story RPs
Anyone who has a story idea that needs help can come here to work on those stories, writers can even work on them if they're just working on a chap.
English - Topics: 44 - Posts: 51,678 - Since: 06-18-10 - Admin: Kamen Rider Fan 12
Hetalia: Light in Darkness
What if the world of Hetalia was given super powers? Play as your favorite Countries and add your own little touch to them with a superpower!
English - Topics: 7 - Posts: 51,483 - Since: 06-03-14 - Admin: Theimmortalfoxx
Title says all.(Invite only)
English - Topics: 26 - Posts: 51,259 - Since: 09-05-15 - Admin: SlytherinPotter98350
Call of Duty Rps
Since most of the other forums are dead, I made this one. Here you can play in Modern Times or WWII
English - Topics: 27 - Posts: 50,408 - Since: 03-28-10 - Admin: Carbon839
Do what you want to do
Say what you want to say, be what you want to be, I swear that's a song, the first thing you say here should be whatever that song is
English - Topics: 32 - Posts: 48,791 - Since: 05-15-12 - Admin: Nepezi
RP- Fairy Tail Style
Role Play Fairy Tail Style
English - Topics: 68 - Posts: 48,151 - Since: 06-11-15 - Admin: Marina Rose
The Distortions Within The Shadow
A forum where I hope to have discussions about my fics, hopefully it'll help my inspiration.
English - Topics: 49 - Posts: 47,451 - Since: 09-25-14 - Admin: The Distorted Shadow
The Fireplace Alliance
For all the Fireplace regulars who would like to talk to each other and anything else.
English - Topics: 72 - Posts: 47,267 - Since: 10-19-08 - Admin: DevilWearsJeans
TV Series & Video Game RP
I just figured this kinda Rp might be a good idea? What do you guys think?
English - Topics: 108 - Posts: 47,150 - Since: 11-16-13 - Admin: HAHA-Monxchromatic II
digimon the digifamily
English - Topics: 439 - Posts: 46,543 - Since: 01-04-14 - Admin: Rad-Vmon
Another Life
Come start your new life here in Haven City. Make friends, get yourself the job you always wanted and live a lavish life once you can afford it. Come join for the casual sexy fun of a city RP, or delve deeper into the darker threads All fantasies are welcome...
Vietnamese - Topics: 52 - Posts: 46,462 - Since: 06-20-16 - Admin: SpaceBabe69
The RP Forum Family
Welcome to the RP Forum Family! Come here to make friends, have fun, and rp in fun topics! We are all generally pretty friendly and welcome any new and wonderful people.
English - Topics: 82 - Posts: 46,020 - Since: 04-17-13 - Admin: ToxicReaper3
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