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The Hunger Games RolePlay!
Welcome to life in Panem! Children from all over Panem are disappearing, but to where? And for what purpose? The Capitol's Games have hardly begun. Please note: This forum is unofficially discontinued. You are welcome to continue to RP, but it is often quite empty.
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Beyond Twilight: Pack NG
OPEN AND ACTIVE ! It's a next generation RP, 20 years later, the focus lies on the pack. But vampires, humans and children of the moon also take part. Everyone is welcome to join. ) - [The Banner of the RP was made by Nyx Nuit. ]
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Our Weird and Wacky RP
This started out as a Twilight RP, now you can bring in anyone you want from anything you want. OC's are more that welcome, too. Most of the characters there are OC's. Hope ya'll join us and have fun!
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The Fate
Welcome to the forum where anything can happen. Any kind of rp you can think of, we have it. And if we don't, just ask and we shall create it. This is the ultimate forum where having fun is the main rule. Come, join The Fate today and become part of the epic forum and family. We shall always welcome you with open arms.
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The Convergence
Thrown onto a planet resembling Earth, that somehow just isn't the Earth they know, a handful of people from various universes have come together. As they get to know one another, one main question plays on their mind - why are they here? Currently featuring Supernatural, Doctor Who, Sherlock, Harry Potter, the Avengers, Percy Jackson, the Vampire Diaries, the Hunger Games and Merlin! Follow us on Tumblr @ theconvergenceroleplay.
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Anime Fans Everywhere
Do you like anime or manga? In this forum you can roleplay as your favorite anime or manga characters. Also, you can advertise your stories and get reviews. Rated K-T.
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Anime Roleplay Forum
Want more reviews? Want advice on your story on chapter or want to get rid of that writters block. Or maybe just to advertise your stories then you can here. Also on this forum, you can request the help of beta readers to assist you in your story. Additionally, there will be a chance to roleplay here as your favorite charaters, or create an oc character. *ACTIVE*
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Mythological Games
We come across the line.
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Somehow vampires and the wolves have been captured and put into camps, to be experimented on or killed. Even the Volturi and the Cullens where taken along with Jakes pack and sam's pack..will they get out...will they ever see each other again..
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Be an Elf, Human, Dwarve, Halfling, Formatio, Reptanis and more. Fight the darkness or be the darkness. FORUM IS VERY MUCH ALIVE AND NEWCOMERS ARE ALWAYS WELCOME!
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The human dominated realm of Earth, and the magical world of Terra. One barrier separates the two... And it's falling apart. Powerful forces gather on both sides of the barrier, as the day of reckoning approaches. Will the Keepers maintain the status quo. or will the realms succumb to chaos?
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Legend of the Twilight
A very powerful vampire acidentally pulls our favorite Vamps into LoTS universe. Uh-oh. Make your own characters or get a Canon character.
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The RP Forum Family
Welcome to the RP Forum Family! Come here to make friends, have fun, and rp in fun topics! We are all generally pretty friendly and welcome any new and wonderful people.
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Like a Dream
In a land of dreams and fairytales, the only limit is your imagination. There is no end to what you can think of. You can use any mythical being and give it powers, or make a whole new creature. Open Forum, everybody is invited. Roleplay and have fun!
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Ask One Piece: The Curtain Rises!
RPGing for me and my sister, no one else.
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The Stories of the Worlds
Here you write your own story with the unique people from imagination. Save the world you live in, destroy it, conquer it, even create your own. It can be a medieval world of dragons to the frontiers of space, a modern day normal world gone wrong, post apocalyptic, steampunk; The possibilities are endless. This is an RP Forum. *Active*
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SHS Smut High School! :)
Welcome to S.H.S! The romance, dramatic forum of looove Here at S.H.S you can have anything from Smut, to Fluff, to Incest or even other crazy types of relationships. It also doesn't have to be soley based off relationships, there can also be other plot lines. *Warning! Mature Content!*
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Gamer's Island Roleplay
The ultimate game central. Take control of any character from any franchise and have fun! No pesky hard levels, collect items and battle against your friends. *ACTIVE*
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Rise Of The Species
Check the plot!
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Welcome to the World,Minus the Mist
Quests,monster attacks,training and more. lifes not always easy when youre a demigod so make sure you have your friends,your weapons and some goddly food at the ready.
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Animaniacs private RP
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Kuroshitsuji RolePlay
Welcome! As you can see this is a Kuroshitsuji aka. Black Butler roleplay. There are two rules, rule one is respect everyone as family and two is FOLLOW RULE ONE! Hehe :3 To know more please don't be afraid to pm me.
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Camp Half-Blood RP!
Jump in make an OC! And enjoy life in Camp!
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Dawn's New Light
Set directly after Eclipses battle with Victoria, a new world of Role Play begins. Romance, adventure and thrill dominate the Twilight world you control. (Opens July 26th 12 AM Pacific Time (USA))-O/C's loved!
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only a friend and myself
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