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Welcome to the Omegaverse
Story inside. Basic Omegaverse RP, 18 . Please PM to join.
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Crossover RPG
You can make your own RPGs, using your favorite: TV Shows Movies Comics Books Anime Games Manga Read the rules and HAVE FUN!
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Black Butler x Pandora Hearts Roleplay (Active!)
Join in the world of Kuro Kokoro! The world is vast with endless possibilities! Come join me! OCs are welcome! Always accepting new people!
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Tezuka Academy
Welcome to the prestige, Tezuka Academy. A school where students related to the most famous of Manga characters attend, and meet other fellow students that may be their teammates in certain events.
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Mecha Madness Virtual Battles
Everyone's live changed one day when figures of mechas from the popular mecha anime were released to the world. Ranging from Gundams, Mazingers, Evangelions, and Transformers. And then people decided to create a virtual new game, pitting players with their mecha figures. With the virtual projection, players can find themselves on the battlefields from various mecha anime where the mechas are projected as if from another world. Let the mecha battles begin!
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RP forum about zombies and living in a world where suddenly, oh hey, zombie killing time! Here we take on elements from anything. Got an idea? Take it up with the mods and we're likely to do it. OCs are always welcome but so are modified characters from game/animes/tv shows as long as they fit in with the universe of Highschool of the Dead which is where the main inspiration comes from.
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ROMANCE roleplay
Here's a romance roleplay, where you try to get other people's OC characters to LOVE you!
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Monster RWBYverse!
The same as the original but there are Faunus who have monster traits like dragons and a whole lot of different plot. I don't have any good summary to write out so I'm sorry! Feel free to join in however as the starting point of the forum's story is the enrollment as of August 6 2018 in 9:10 PM EST.! Warning! M-rated Lemons will happen here!
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When Worlds Collide
During one of their missions, the Fairy Tail guild had run into a villain who managed to create a portal that could go across different dimensions. Now, with the portal being stuck open, those from Shugo Chara, Undertale, and Pokemon have joined together in the Fairy Tail universe. Will they ever go back to their original home? Or will the portal between space and time forever be open? And could that cause an even greater force of evil? Create an OC or play as a Canon, to help decide the fate of this story!
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The Real World: Anime
Ever wondered what would happen if all your favorite anime characters were forced to live under 1 roof? Well here's your chance! Come inside and experience the drama, the fights the romance and the heartache. It's all here, in the real world: Anime! Come join as a cannon or an oc!
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Project Camp Anime
This is our fanfiction project to discuss the plot and stuff. This is for Arkanin Midnight, BMS Girl, Kizu the Pyromancer, Senoske Uchiha, Keno Hyuuga, Kid Anime, and LuckyTsunade.
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Roleplaying Dimension
Ok so one of my first rp's was called the Roleplaying Room. There I met someone who was very special to me , but it's died. So now, I'm making a somewhat of a successor! Here you can roleplay from any anime and add the characters together! More on the pl
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My Journal
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FateFools Grail
The Alexeyevich family, a weak mage family now based in New York City for about 200 years of lineage. The Alexeyevich family have been syphoning magical energy from the holy Grail wars in the hopes of using the magical energy to create their own Grail. However for the Grail to be fully manifested in our world it required a grail war. The Alexeyevich family would go to hire 7 magus to fight their war for them. However the immersion of a new grail alarmed the clock tower them in turn sending 7 magus
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Soulmate System
[Soulmate AU RP][OCs and canons from any series accepted.] It's 2015 and almost everyone in the land of Harmonia has a soul mate. Whether they wanted it or not, everyone has a name tattooed onto their wrist from birth. This is their "fated" match. Many are inclined to investigate, curious, or even delighted at the prospect of having a fated match. While there are those who are unhappy, the soulmate system is popularly accepted and investigated within Harmonia.
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Anime Soiree
All anime is welcome here! We will discuss crossovers as well as similar storylines and, of course, manga vs. anime debates too!
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Anime XOver RP
Choose any anime character from any anime and RP! OC's are also welcome.
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votaciones, preguntas y cosas varias
en este lugar haremos las votaciones para incluir nuevos personajes y otras cosas varias
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The World of Anime! Rolepay! Ultimate X-over!
For all those anime lovers that want to make the ultimate crossover! Roleplay with any character you choose from any anime even add your own OC if you want! You know you want to! - Now lets get this party started!
English - Topics: 7 - Posts: 19 - Since: 01-15-13 - Admin: ToriiPheniox
Otaku Academy RP
A brand new RP forum for anyone who wants to RP! We will include video game characters, anime characters, and manga characters! Interested? Stop in and enroll! OCs and Canons alike are allowed
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The NWarriors El Fanfic
Foro donde se hablarĂ¡ acerca del fanfic The N-Warriors. Entren y comenten.
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It's All About the Game
Come on in and enjoy this forum that's all about sports anime! Claim cannons, make ocs, and chat about your favorite sports animes. Help us grow! Become part of the community! (on hiatus)
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The Ostriches' Tavern
[PRIVATE] A free roleplay arena reserved for The Nadcromancer, LoboZ, Mai Sachiyuki (and potential other acquaintances). No indiscriminate entry/posting.
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Who is the Coolest Villian of All Time?
Ok! In the anime series, who is the coolest villian of all time? Say it loud and say it proud evil accomplices!
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Utopian Hearts
Two forums between Sharp and I.
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