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The RolePlaying Lounge
Come in, role-play as your favorite anime character or your OC, relax, and have fun. OCs are always welcome.
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Ultimate Dream Warrior
Ultimate Dream Warrior is a crossover between Bakugan, DragonBallz, and Ninja Gaiden about a boy name Li Hagana who has dreams that become reality when he dreams about a temple containing a very evil spirit and accidentally releases it causing the dream world to cross over into the real world instantaneously. Li along with his real friends and his dream friends will fight to the end to defeat the the evil dream spirit known as Akumu Senshi.
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YuYuGiDigiMoon: Enter my ultimate crossover series
The official YuYuGiDigiMoon series discussion forum! Talk about the two series Pharaohmon & Rajita. Discussion on characters from the Tamers, Sailor Moon, Yu Yu Hakusho, YuGiOh and Frontier series! All topics related are here!
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Crossovers, and more crossovers
What shows belong together, and what shows should never meet? everything must contain at least one anime!
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Crossover Lounge
Oh hello there. Come, sit, please have a seat. Feel free to chat about the many crazy mixes and matches your minds can come up with. The discussions are my treat.
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FmaWhr RP
A RP that uses Canon Characters only... Fullmetal Alchemist characters and Witch Hunter Robin characters in a modern city setting. So, Quickly claim a character and join!
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Anime RP
Pick any characters you want from any anime. OC are good too. Takes place on a random train. Sign your character up and rp!
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Crossing Over
Discussion on possible anime crossovers that have been, haven't been, or are rarely done.
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Anything Kurama, Yoko, Kuronue, Yusuke, and Kagome
Hey guys this is just a place where you all can chat about your opinions on a number of different topics involving any of these pairings. I suppose I'll allow for HieiKagome discussion as well, but only if it involves HieiKuramaKagome.
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A InuyashaxYu Yu Hakusho Crossover Forum
Title's kind of self explanatory, huh? Whether you're a fan of crazy crossover pairings, the more popular ones, or just a story with this crossover in general, you can come here and discuss anything having to do with the two shows.
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How Does This Sound
I'm thinking of posting a story but I'm not entirely sure so I'm asking here first. The story will mix essences of Outlaw Star, One Piece, Trigun and Cowboy Bebop as well as mentioning some of the characters from said series'. Would people be interested?
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Destined Encounters Story Forum
Here's where you'll find all the latest information on the stories revolving around the Destined Encounters multiverse. Everything from character profiles to timelines will eventually be incorporated here. Story suggestions are welcomed.
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MDTX Stories
Questions to the stories i have written and maybe data on the characters i use.
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Flamingsora's story forum
this is where i discuss topic of my latest fics and here is where my readers can drop questions and comments.
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The Pocket BishonenBishoujo World
I read Songwind's fic, and I'm writing a Pocket Bish fic of my own and I'd love to hear from other people who've encountered this world. So let's talk.
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Roleplay Crossovers!
You can RP as YOUR OWN character! First, start with the info of your character. You can RP with other people! Though it may sound there may be no point to it...it IS a ANIME crossover! but dont forget to make its relationship with a REAL character!
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Ayashi No Ceres Ceres Celestial Legend in English
A place where you can take about Ayashi no Ceres crossovers that you see or you would like to see. Talk about any crossover that you would like to talk about if it helps.
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Otaku Muyo's Forum
Because I can, and no one is around to stop me. A forum for the fanfiction self insertion work of Otaku Muyo, and general anime.
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Idea for my ne xt story Union
I starting this forum now for anybody who wants to help give me
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Grievous, Saturn and other things From The Mind of
For Fans of my Stories which I posted on
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Role Play anything Anime, or OC. Post Bio then get started.
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Crossover Couples
Give me any ideas for some anime crossover couples and I will put them in my stories.
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characters & worlds for a new story!
Im askin the readersusers for worlds in my story. This forum is for postin ANIME based worlds! Check the game crossover forums to post game based worlds or da crossover section for others!
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I submit a Challenge between Inuyasha and FF7 after the Movie of Advent childrenOC in Inuyasha world that ends up with Sesshomaru but any one can choose their characters they want to pair up exept Sesshomaru he is taken
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Gravitation & Inuyasha
It's about an Inuyasha & Gravitation crossover fanfic I'm gonna make! Okay what should the pairings be and how old should everyone in the Inu Universe be?
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