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Anime Shippings
Here, you can talk about random (& not random) anime shippings
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Gunkatsu (Gundam x Aikatsu!)
This is where you can discuss anything about my Gunkatsu projects, which includes the currently ongoing 2nd story arc of "Aikatsu A0" and my next upcoming projects. Or perhaps you have your own ideas for a potential Gunkatsu fanfic, you can share it here too. Ideas, opinions, and constructive criticisms are appreciated.
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le desir du fugitif
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Markiplier x Reader
A small fanfiction I am working on
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Death Note
A regualar highschool boy named Light finds a book called the Death Note. He finds some interesting things about this book and does some horrible things. L and his investigators want to look in closer on whats going on. This story isnt just about mystery, its about love.
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the hunter fox and kitsune
"jangan pernah dekat dengan lelaki lain"/"Menjauh dari ku"/"aku tidak akan melepaskan mu"/"kau akan "/"TUAN JANGAN!"/"aku membencimu"/"aku mencintai mu".
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Power Rangers Star Striker
2000 years into the future, the universe including earth was taken over by an evil organzation team darkness. When the people from all the planets have cried for help to save them. It's up to a new team of heroes to save the universe. Meet Ash Leo Ketchum, Ace Lupin, Odis, Scales, Ian Scorpio, Alpha 283, Serena Chameleon, and Joey Dorado. They are Power Rangers Star Striker.
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A Yandere Simulator Story
This is a love story between Oka Ruto, Ayano Ashi, and Senpai.
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Good Boy Fransykes
Fransykes Daddy Kink. Josh Tops. Oliver Bottoms.
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My Yandere Harem
I was done writing some stories on Wattpad when suddenly, my imaginary harem came into reality and they became YANDERE! (My 1st Story on FanFiction)
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LgbtMogai Roleplay
Roleplay as your oc or just a character in general! Do NOT come to harass Mogai or Lgbt users!
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Gen 2020 Into the Anime-verse
*Gen 2020 Into The Anime-verse, is a fan story. Please note that this is a fanfiction of mine characters and characters from anime's like: DBZ, Fairy Tale, One Piece , Elfen Lied, Fullmetal Alchemist, Kill La Kill, Naruto, The Devil is Part Timer, and, Night Raid. Every anime I just said are own by there respective owners and publishers Please support the official owners*
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Update forum
Here is where I post updates about my posting
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Your favorite Anime Series
Share opinions on your favorite anime series
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Wind and Flames AU Private Forum
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La lune et le corbeau
Sasuhina, NaruSaku,
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Ninjas of Fairy Tail,A Naruto and Fairy Tail Crossover
What happens when Naruto and Sasuke are born in Earthland and join Fairy Tail. Watch as Naruto and Sasuke make their mark in the world. P.S. Naruto and Sasuke are actually ninjas just couldn't find a better title
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The Spiral Abyss
Where I will be posting challenge snippets that may or may not be made into full challenges. May or may not have more than one snippet per post, no more than Five though.
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pro think is you ki
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Need A Generous Co-Writer Who Can Help Me Make An Anime X-Over Fic
Hey, FanFiction, the name's 'OniHana' and I'm looking for someone who can help me make my anime crossover story as interesting as possible. You see, I'm not really good at English so the wording process might be a bit bland and the dialogues of some of the characters in my story might be a little OOC. So I'm looking for someone who knows everything anime and has the knowledge and research of the story of some anime characters and their backstory.
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Harem: Fetishes or Roleplays for each Female
Hello, I am still working on The Shinigami of Selenus, but I want to ask, what kind of fetish or sexual roleplay that differentiate from each of the Princess Knights? I wouldn't mind hearing some ideas for each of them.
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