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Crossover RPG
You can make your own RPGs, using your favorite: TV Shows Movies Comics Books Anime Games Manga Read the rules and HAVE FUN!
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Love me like you love the Sun:Vampire Clan Rp
Welcome to the Moonwick country where vampires roam and hunters hunt them. These vampires sleep and eat human food but they can only go out in the sun if they have a Moon Jewel. ITs hard to tell who is a vampire they still keep their normal eyes but when they bring blood they do have fangs. Vampires are either born or created. Dphamirs in fact do exist. Vampire rarely find their soul mate and when they do they never let them go. Vampire can be mated to humans. Currently activate.
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Soulmate System
[Soulmate AU RP][OCs and canons from any series accepted.] It's 2015 and almost everyone in the land of Harmonia has a soul mate. Whether they wanted it or not, everyone has a name tattooed onto their wrist from birth. This is their "fated" match. Many are inclined to investigate, curious, or even delighted at the prospect of having a fated match. While there are those who are unhappy, the soulmate system is popularly accepted and investigated within Harmonia.
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Ultimate Dream Warrior
Ultimate Dream Warrior is a crossover between Bakugan, DragonBallz, and Ninja Gaiden about a boy name Li Hagana who has dreams that become reality when he dreams about a temple containing a very evil spirit and accidentally releases it causing the dream world to cross over into the real world instantaneously. Li along with his real friends and his dream friends will fight to the end to defeat the the evil dream spirit known as Akumu Senshi.
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Don't Run from Me but to me
Welcome to the small town Andresonville. In the shadows vampires wonder and werewolfs stalk their prey. Yet deep in the woods witchs cast their spells and hunters hunt the supernaturals. Join our town but beware you may not leave it alive.
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Anime Shippings
Here, you can talk about random (& not random) anime shippings
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