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Crossover RPG
You can make your own RPGs, using your favorite: TV Shows Movies Comics Books Anime Games Manga Read the rules and HAVE FUN!
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Black Butler x Pandora Hearts Roleplay (Active!)
Join in the world of Kuro Kokoro! The world is vast with endless possibilities! Come join me! OCs are welcome! Always accepting new people!
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New world Academy
Welcome to new world academy we have the highest grades at our school and fun activities from debate to football. We are a boarding school so you will be staying on campus. At this wonderful school lerks a dark secrets. Not just humans go here so does vampires, werewolves, fairies, elves, angels, and demons. Come join in the drama and lets see what happens
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When Worlds Collide
During one of their missions, the Fairy Tail guild had run into a villain who managed to create a portal that could go across different dimensions. Now, with the portal being stuck open, those from Shugo Chara, Undertale, and Pokemon have joined together in the Fairy Tail universe. Will they ever go back to their original home? Or will the portal between space and time forever be open? And could that cause an even greater force of evil? Create an OC or play as a Canon, to help decide the fate of this story!
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The Strong, the smart, And the ridiculous Welcom To VAARP
Welcome travelers to the The world of VAARP, I am the all powerful voice in the sky, or sometimes a player, send in you characters have them approved and test your metal, challenge others and become stronger.
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Soulmate System
[Soulmate AU RP][OCs and canons from any series accepted.] It's 2015 and almost everyone in the land of Harmonia has a soul mate. Whether they wanted it or not, everyone has a name tattooed onto their wrist from birth. This is their "fated" match. Many are inclined to investigate, curious, or even delighted at the prospect of having a fated match. While there are those who are unhappy, the soulmate system is popularly accepted and investigated within Harmonia.
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Ultimate Dream Warrior
Ultimate Dream Warrior is a crossover between Bakugan, DragonBallz, and Ninja Gaiden about a boy name Li Hagana who has dreams that become reality when he dreams about a temple containing a very evil spirit and accidentally releases it causing the dream world to cross over into the real world instantaneously. Li along with his real friends and his dream friends will fight to the end to defeat the the evil dream spirit known as Akumu Senshi.
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Anime Shippings
Here, you can talk about random (& not random) anime shippings
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