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The Angels Around Us
This is a RP where you can create a angel that can ether be Darkworld or Lightworld.Update:The Lostworld has been discovered!
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Et Effugium
#HeforShe "One may tolerate a world of demons for the sake of an angel."-Reinette, Doctor Who "The truth, is never pure, and rarely simple." -The Importance of Being Earnest, Oscar Wilde (And personally, the admin's FAVORITE QUOTE OF ALL TIME) "Everything I've ever let go of has claw marks on it." — David Foster Wallace, Infinite Jest
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Percy Jackson and the Olympians: Not Another Forum
Welcome to a world filled with Deities, Demigods and Monsters. Of Heroes and Villains, will you allign yourself with the Greco-Romans of Camps Half-Blood or Camp Jupiter? Perhaps the life of a Magician, or being a Einherjar that resides in Asgard, is more your pace? No matter where you go remember: "Greatness awaits any who persevere."
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Fantasy in our time. There are Dragons, Druids, Fae, Pheonix and so many more to come as the story moves on. It's amazing and serious, so come join or just have a look. [CLOSED]
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A New World Order
Genetic manipulation is one of the world's biggest bioethical conundrums, but what if it wasn't? What if the world accepted the concept and used it to our advantage? Lemon forum, join at your own risk.
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A Little Peace and Quiet
Lists of pretty much anything related to fanfiction. Almost.
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Do not enter
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Lord of the Rings Harry Potter Crossovers
A Forum to discuss potential reasons to combine the Potterverse with Middle-Earth and the chaos that ensues because of it. LotR X HP.
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Ranger's Apprentice Lord of the Rings Xover
This just seemed so perfect...
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Looking for certain Harry Potter stories
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Tolkien's Hobbit & LOTR discussion
Discuss Tolkien's works The Hobbit & LOTR
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Kenshin and Lord of the Rings Crossovers
I've been reading Rurouni Kenshin and the Lord of the Rings, a crossover by John the Visionary. And I personally don't like it! I'm currently writing Kenshin's Tales of the Lord of the Rings, which too is a RK and LOTR Crossover.
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Alliance of Elven Swords: Aerandir
This forum is for all of the Alliance of Elven Swords writers...
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Deceptive Appearances: Dumping ground for question
This forum follows my crossoverDeceptive Appearances. Things Posted: interesting Back information, Time lines, and the Historical information that I draw from for this story. Questions about the story will be answered here as well. Kira
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Muse's and authoresses Slumberparty
Authoresses and Muses! One and all! Come on in! The Title tells all!
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Tolkien and Rowling Discussion Forum
Here you can discuss the works of Mrs. J.K Rowling and Professor Tolkien.
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The Perks of Being A Wallflower
I love this book!
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What do you like in an harry potterlotr crossover?
Hiya, I'm thinking about writing a harry potterlord of the rings crossover, so I was wondering what sorts of things you would like to read, ideas are welcomed, thank you!
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V Chapter 1
i'm kinda new to this stuff so don't take it easy okay? if you're going to write something a little harsh, that's fine with me. i could use it.
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Little Brother
For all you Little Brother lovers, this alternate ending will satisfy your need for more M1k3y drama. Here we will discuss Cory Doctorow's character, Marcus, and his adventures in Xnetting.
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Any Crossovers with books you want to happen will become a roleplay
Examples: Harry potter and spongebob Percy Jackson and Heroes School of Fear and Big bang theory
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논현오피 Y(as)0Me01。com 【야썸】 논현역오피 논현건마 논현립카페 논현풀싸롱 야썸주소 야썸트위터
논현오피 Y(as)0Me01。com 【야썸】 논현역오피 논현건마 논현립카페 논현풀싸롱 야썸주소 야썸트위터
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Make Your Own DemonDemon Hunter
This a world where demons are real and so are sorcerers, you have three options; demon, sorcerer or hunter/huntress Name: Age: History: Parentage: Abilities: Species: Magic (Optional): Weapon: Height: Weight: Friend(s) Family: Enemy: Extras
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Spiritual Knight Story
Here you can talk about the story so far and speak with the writer (me) about it. Also I want to hear your opinion so far. You can speak your mind and honest opinion about it.
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Rejection and Acception
Two fate cross in the most oddest way. One awake five hundred years to late to a rejection that was most unbecoming. An the one hope to imprint on the girl the he loves only to imprint on not only his rival but his worst enemy, the one thing he was made to eliminate. This is their story of criss cross fate only time will tell their fate.
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