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Alternate Fighters Roleplay Forum
This forum is available for all members of the AF to role-play on, providing they follow the rules of the forum and are willing to have fun with others.
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The Multi verse Adult Club
When the universe fuses every series together life can be chaotic however it gives way for a lot of interesting pairings for some adult fun. This is for people wanting a break from serious Rps and for some laid back adult Rps
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Cartoon Crossovers!
Things are about to get a lot more weird than they should! A roleplay central for cool cartoons and just any franchises crossed over with them!
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Animation Dimension Travelers!
Sudden Portals have appeared blasting your favorite cartoons into other worlds! You can Roleplay as any Movie, TV Show, or even Anime Character as long as its animation! What Wacky Situtions will occur? Its up to you!
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