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The Power of Three Pokemon Rollplay
The evil team Plasma is back and trying to rule the world again. And there using Volacarna and Kyumen in there aid, it's up to the Pokemon Trainers and there Pokemon to convince the three legendary Pokemon to help them save the world.
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Pokemon RP
Come and roleplay in the fictional world of the Pokemon TV show. Claim one of the canon three or create an OC.
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The Two Worlds of Poke'mon and Digimon
This forum is all about Poke'mon and Digimon and the things you like about them both. Talk about anything you like or hate about each show. Anything about the two topics is welcome here.
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tcgo users only
post your topics here for role plays. CROSSOVERS ALLOWED. FOR POKEMON TCGO MEMBERS ONLY. go ahead and created role plays.
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Pokemon StoriesArchives
Hey, this is where we talk about our Poke Stuff...
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Pokemon Gijinka's and Steam Punk
A Roleplay forum combining Pokemon Gijinka's and steam punk.
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The Cuties RULE!
For the Trainers who either love or own Pichu, Pikachu, Azurill, Marill, Togepi, Plusle, Minun, Munchlax, Igglybuff, Cleffa, Magby, Mew, Celebi, or Jirachi
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Soratovs Jyoura
THATS RITE A PLACE FOR SORATO AND JYOURA FANS TO CLASH! Ps keep it peaceful talk about anything that has to do with sorato or Jyoura... And I mean if u join no jyoumi,mimiato, taiora fans allowed cuz they don't understand us, expect SoratoTaiora fans...
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SoraTaichi MimiYamato
fans of this pairing come on in!
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Pokemon RPG!
yes this is the place to make up RPGs about the anime, your own plots and more. Pokemorphs and OC characters allowed!
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The Safari
A place for Pokémon and Trainers alike to communicate.
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my PKMNDigimon forum
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Digimon World DawnDusk RP
... I couldn't think of a better title. Screw all you people with creativity.
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every wondered what would happen if pikachu fought agumon, or if metalgrey mon fought rayquazar? just because They can't be contained in pokeballs doesn't mean that they can't be enemys, it is all up to you though...
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Pokemon: into the land of the undead
what happens when David the Scottish werewolf and the thundercloud7 and their friends are plunged into the Pokemon universe. what happens when zombies follow them into the universe. teemo finally gets to blow up a Kitchen, have your say and watch the stor
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