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Professor Layton and the Gate of Truth
Professor Layton tries out alchemy unfortunately (ok I wrote this a long time ago and I'm not a great writer i just wanted to see if anyone liked this, it's pretty short)
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The War To End All Wars: Season 1
Discussion about my episodic Fanfiction.
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Detective ConanYu-Gi-OhBeyblade metal fusion
If your a fan of all three animes then come join me in a good conversation in your favorite episodes, characters, and mangas trust me I have a few favorites
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Battle Cross Voting Forum
Here voting will be held for a video game crossover I am trying to make. I'm honestly re-planning some ideas however, so just vote for your favorites. Each thread will have its own separate lock down time and I will remind people when voting is over. If you want me to add chars to the roster I can, though the limit will be about 14 characters by the end of the voting.
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Mass EffectXMarvel Crossover Challenge
Hey everyone, my friend and i were talking about a Marvel and Mass Effect Crossover idea where the human race is based on one Character from the Marvel Universe. Such as the Human Torch "Lights Self's on Fire", Wolverine who heals fast and has bone claws, and also include all their strengths and weaknesses such as Deadpool's insanity or Rogue's inability to touch others.
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5ZK&T20 Official Forums
This is the official forums for the story, 5 Zombie Killers and a Team of 20, owned by author Silverty.
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Which Game Characters would you want to see in Super Smash Bros Series
Talk about your favorite video game characters in the biggest video game crossover of all time
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Horror Hub
Choose one of your favorite horror characters, ranging from creepypasta and more, and roleplay with other users!
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Survivor Crossover
Mostly going to be used for polls, but feel free to discuss my fanfiction by creating your own forum topics!
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