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Adventure of a Lifetime: Next Gen
[Inactive] If we actually had a TV Show, it'd be the most watched shit on the air.
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Greek Myth RPG
Not directly the myths but you get to hang around with Greek heros and make your own. And this is my first forum ever so...yeah. Come join in on the fun!
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Highschool Drama Roleplay
Roleplay as a human,vampire,wolf,demon,witch,fairy,necromancer,s uccubus,ghost,zombie,mermaid,enchantres,sorcerer,w orlock,wizard etc. Modds are Maho and Empy, if you have a question or problem and i'm not on please ask them. :D
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My Reality is Mythology
[OCs only] Killing your teacher, running away from home, drowning an old lady, hiding from authorities, and being kidnapped by a deranged babysitter. If you have never experienced of those or something similar then you're not a demigod but for those who are demigods welcome to your new reality. Battling monsters for survival, going to camp to train how to fight, dealing with the gods, oh and all the normal shit that comes with being a teenager too. Good luck you'll need it[Inactive]
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Ancient Greece Roleplay
Do you like Greek Mythology? This is the forum for you! You cna be royalty, a slave, a hero, even a god!
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Greek and Roman Gods and Goddess World of Games - RP
This was formerly Legendary RP. This is now all Brand New and Starting Fresh. So Have Fun.
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Greek mythology roleplay
A roleplay about Ancient Greece and Greek mythology, for both devotees and newbies :
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Greek Myths
Private RP, Invite only
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Twilight of the Gods
One man's ego could bring about the end of all things, as two great armies of gods clash, bringing chaos to space and time.
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Greek Mythology RPG
Join in and choose an origenal character or make up your own.
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Above Olympus
Welcome back to the Grecian Pantheon, home of the gods and so much more. (Currently under construction)
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Greek Mythology Roleplay
We need more roleplayers! A literate roleplay pertaining to Greek Mythology. Anyone is free to join, but please be literate. Synopsis: An epic war between the gods will take place in 2012.
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Crazed mythology adict
if u luv mythology this iz ur place preferably Greek!
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Pertaining to the Stars
Set in Greco-Roman mythology. There are no 'gods' so to speak, but Celestials, those who have watched over the earth since the beginning may act as judge and jury for slain humans. Particularly honorable humans gain their place in the stars as a constellation. Those who lived good and generous lives earned their place in the abyss; a place of peaceful rest. Those who chose the wrong path are to be born again, to live new lives until they learn to be virtuous and gentle.
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They awake to find themselves lost in the twists and turns of a Labyrinth, with nothing to help escape but each other. An RPG with danger around every corner-literally.
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Titan's School of Demigods
We lost the second titan war. Titans have killed off some gods and have taken others captive at their slave camp. As for demigods, they attend this school. RP as a demigod.
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Gods Among Men
English - Topics: 8 - Posts: 136 - Since: 04-22-18 - Admin: MoisMo-ShipsCharalastor
Gods and Goddesses RP
A simple RP forum for people who are interested in mythology of the Gods and Goddesses children, which i may add that we made up. This forum is mainly for fun, feel free to join our Forum by creating a character and we will check if qualifies or not. Most likely it will, we're not strict. BUT there are rules, nothing too big. NOTE: Some of the information we use is not entirely true. We made some things up in this forum.
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The UnderWorld Gods
This basically a forum about Hades, Persephone, Hekate, Hypnos, Thanatos, Morpheus, andor stuff that has to do with the Greek UnderWorld.
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Eternal Protection
Create and OC and join the fun. No set plot as of yet. (Demi-gods, powers included. All welcome!) Please feel free to join :D -I'm horrible at summarys .-.
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Percy Jackson Renewed
The lives of Percy Jackson redone
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University of Mythological Descendants
On Mount Olympus is a University, founded for young descendants of deities, prominent mortals, and other creatures of Greek Mythology. The school is a safe haven for these young adults (and sometimes older), but a recently-discovered plot linked to Medusa may serve to turn the school upside-down. OC-based "next gen" roleplay.
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Troy Lives Forever RP
Roleplay the gods, humans, etc. from Greek Mythology! Create your own character or play an original!
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Create A God
Create your own god or goddess
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Ask the Gods!
The gods have decided to take time out of their very important tasks to answer the questions of you puny mortals. So, why disappoint them? Ask away.
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