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Greek Mythology Pregnancy Challenge
Greek gods. Babies. All that jazz!
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Looking at the more sophisticated side of Greek Mythology, when two men lay together...
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what do they look like?
what do Greek dieties look like? well what do you guys think?
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Greek Myth Roleplay
Roleplay! Anything from greek myths and Percy Jackson.
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Greek God High RP
What if the Gods were young? What if the Titans The Good Ones sent the Gods to school to learn about what it takes to be a God? Roleplay as your favorite God or Goddess! Further details inside...
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Ideas for Good Use
This is for Greek Mythology writers. If you have ideas, but to lazy or to busy to write them, and afraid of losing the idea, you can let someone use it or borrow it. If your stuck and don't know what to do, look here for ideas to help you! It's for anyone
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The Plague of Secrecy Roleplay
What happened in the past has long since set the gears of time in motion and now in present day two girls are left to clean up the mess that was made by one guy.
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Myths and Legends
A complete dicussion forum for talking about your favourite myth! Who's the best God dess out there? What 'pairing' do you love? Come! Talk, chat, discuss!
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skidds and madeye here!
talk to the authours of Fate in the Blacksmiths Hands
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Olympus chat room
Want to RP as a greek gonor goddess come right in! You can choose an Olympian or a minor god and Chat RP your heart out all you have to do is make a chat room name and choose your god/godess No OC's please
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Zeus, ein wahres Prachtexemplar!
Oder was meint ihr? Wer rockt eurer Meinung nach den Olymp?
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Myths! And possibly legends
What's your favourite myth? Favourite character/God dess ? GREEK MYTHOLOGY ONLY!
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Ware of the new golden age chat & recruit
The greek gods are reborn in human, what they didn't realize is with their rebirth would come the titans and with them a vengeance the gods will never see coming.
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building the greek camp
hello this is my first forum. i created it so that i can get ideas about what i should put in my greek summer camp once i get the money i shall be building one and it will hopefullly if my freind has the money have a rival roman camp too. so come one co
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Sons and Daughters of Apollo
This forum is for all the sons and daughters of Apollo on FanFiction. You can talk about anything related to Apollo, like what your favorite type of music is or how awesome you are.
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Click on over here to discuss the new story Mystique! Talk to the author and other readers! Share thoughts, offer suggestions, and connect with other lovers of Greek Mythology!
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Greek Characters - New Book
i am creating a novel type, still in the early stages. i would love to get ideas and input from all the greek mythology fanatics out there :) its a combination of greek mythology and the classic 4 greek elements [fire, water, air,. earth] This is what i have so far: [1] Air - Male - Son of Zeus [Sky] & Hera [2] Water - Female - Daughter of Poseidon & Amphitrite [Seas Ocean] [3] Fire - Male - Son of Hephaestus [Fire] & Aphrodite [Love] [4] Earth - Female - Daughter of Demeter [Grain] Unknown
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Ask the Twins
Have you ever had a burning question for Apollo or Artemis? Maybe you've always wanted to know how many kids Apollo has. Or how they both got so good at archery. Well, now is your chance to ask! Ranging from angst to fluff to humor, we got it all. Apollo: Ask away sweethearts;) Artemis: Don't you dare flirt with the audience! Gods, this will be interesting.
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범계오피 『OPOPGIRL02*COM』 【 오피오피걸 】 범계역오피 범계건마 범계립카페 범계풀싸롱
구글주소창에 오피오피걸; 범계오피 범계오피걸 범계오피방 범계오피스 범계건마 범계휴게텔 범계립카페 범계핸플 범계키스방 범계풀싸롱 접속방법알림 오피 유흥 [체험담] 을 상세하게 설명해주는 전국구1등정보사이트 발기찬밤 오피오피걸에서 확인가능하세요 !
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Medusa had always turned men to stone. It was her way. what will happen when a lady walks in?
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empathy link
Grover is on his "quest" to spread nature and he sends an empathy link to Percy, something is wrong and Grover needs his help!
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The Return
Jusy a random person who likes to read stories
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Mulți zei cred că Athena n-a avut niciodată o mamă, căci zeița așa le-a spus. Doar ea ei mai știe de întreaga poveste a nașterii ei.
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Greek Mythology Different Perspectives
My idea here is we could discuss they different perspectives for each God. Like Ares is not purely a bad person, or Hephaestus has the capability to hate someone till the end of time, and more. And maybe with this God with our own interpretations, we can make RP out of it too!
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You have me
Cerci is a way to drunk passes out, and Demeter helps her dream while making her feel good. - sexual content, drugs and drinks are used
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